, Welcome to Your Detox Program!

Program Modules:

Program Module  Topic  Link
Module One “Discover the magic of your digestion!” Click Here
Module Two “Why Detoxing is Crucial For Your Health” Click Here
Module Three “Food Awareness & Start Your Cleanse!” Click Here
Module Four “Stay On Your Cleanse & Learn About Your Colon!” Click Here
Module Five “Discover The Language of Your Body” Click Here
Module Six “Finding Peace In ANY Moment!” Click Here
Retreat Info Hawaii Retreat Coming Soon! Click Here


LIVE Recordings with Michelle click here

Your Bonuses
Detox Products Are On The Way!
There are body balancing supplements that support easy detoxification and help with better clarity, energy and weight loss! I’m mailing them to you!

IMPORTANT: Of course, check with your doctor and make sure these supplements work for you especially if you’re on meds!

(Mailed to you in the US & Canada only. If you are joining outside these areas, please choose the info only payment option and you will be sent info on how to get your supplements.)

5-Burn Your Fat and Free Your Heart Cardio Workouts!

These workouts are designed to burn the most fat at your fitness level and leave you free of worry and stress.


  • Choose a practice below
  • Download a practice that speaks to you or open it on your iPhone
  • Listen to it as you do your ANY cardio workout!

Click Here!

IMPORTANT: If you haven’t worked out in a long time, do not do the intervals in these workouts. Go for a steady walk and ONLY when you’re ready to the intervals. It’s important not to start off too fast too soon!

What to Eat?

  • 5 Keys to Make Nutrition Easy
  • Top 6 foods to avoid at ALL costs
  • 11 Supplements to burn the most body fat
  • What to eat made easy guide and transformational journal

Click Here!

Click Here

Steps for your program:

If you are not on a live group program, decide the time and day of the week you will do your program and if possible, keep it the same day and time for the next five weeks. Add a reminder alarm in your cell and get excited when the alarm goes off reminding you that you get to reset your body and start feeling great as you release inches!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

It’s time to start feeling great in your body! You’ve waited long enough!

To your health,

Michelle Signature
Michelle Melendez
Fitness Expert since 1996
PS Remember this is your program. Do it in a way that works best for you and let me know ASAP how I can better support you!

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