Week Six: Create Your Year-Long Health Plan


  • Healthy Cookware
  • 2 Healthy products you should own
  • #1 thing that supports your skin
  • Does food really matter?
  • Create Your Year-Long Health Plan (Fun Game!)
  • Living In A Body You Love (#1 insight you’ll never learn in a gym)
Healthy Cookware

There are 2 toxic cookwares you need to be aware of.


When cooking with aluminum cookware please know it is possible for the aluminum to leach into the food you’re cooking. Acid foods like tomatoes can cause greater leakage when cooking with aluminum cookware than lower acid foods like rice.

If you are cooking for a longer period of time or storing food in aluminum, that also can cause more leaching. This includes using tin-foil.

According to a study done in 2013 in Immunologic Research found a link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s, ALS, and autism spectrum disorders. (1)

Anodized aluminum is safer since it is made by hardening the surface preventing the leaching of aluminum into your food. 

It’s time to be aware!


This is a bummer, I know.

How easy is it to cook and clean with Teflon?

It’s VERY easy. I used to use it all the time!

Now it’s time to be aware of the health risks.

The technical term for the special coating on your Teflon non-stick pans is known as PFOA or Perfluorooctanoic acid. This coating resists heat, oil, stains, grease, and water, which makes it super easy to clean. However, convenience is not all its cracked up to be!

When these pans are overheated or left on the stove for too long they can release a toxic fume that can cause flu-like symptoms in humans and even kill birds. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “In laboratory animals given large amounts, PFOA can affect growth and development, reproduction, and injure the liver.” (2)

Yes, you won’t get large amounts of PFOA using Teflon coated pans and still, it’s better to use pots and pans that are known not to harm your body in any way!

On the Cancer.org website it says that “Teflon itself is not suspected of causing cancer” and then it talks about the exposure to PFOA, which is the coating on the bottom of your Teflon pots and pans. They state…

“Studies in lab animals have found exposure to PFOA increases the risk of certain tumors of the liver, testicles, mammary glands (breasts), and pancreas in these animals. In general, well-conducted studies in animals do a good job of predicting which exposures cause cancer in people. But it isn’t clear if the way this chemical affects cancer risk in animals would be the same in humans.” (3)

It’s your call and it’s good to know the possible health risks.

BONUS INSIGHT: If you have Teflon pans and the surface is scratched off, that means Teflon is getting into your food. Please throw those pans away and get less toxic cookware.

Purchasing healthy non-toxic cookware can be more expensive and it will be well worth it!

Safe Non-Toxic Cookware Should Be Made Out Of The Following:

  1. Ceramic
  2. Stainless Steel
  3. Titanium Ceramic

  4. Diamond Clad Ceramic

  5. Cast Iron

  6. Glass

  7. Stainless Steel on the inside and Copper on the outside

You can find cookware made out of these items on Amazon, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond and more!

Two Pieces Of Equipment You Should Own

Infrared Sauna or Blanket(4)

Infrared saunas use electromagnetic radiation or light to create heat and warm your body directly. The Far, middle and near-infrared wavelengths are all part of the broad infrared healing wavelength spectrum. Infrared and infrared saunas have been researched and studied for decades. Doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists use infrared every day in clinics and hospitals around the world to ameliorate pain, heal skin conditions, increase flexibility and generally help heal the body. Health impacts of using a sauna include: 

  • Detoxification
  • Stress and fatigue
  • Muscle aches, arthritis, and joint relief
  • Weight loss and calorie burning
  • Increased metabolism
  • Immune system support
  • Skin conditions
  • Heart health
  • Appearance of cellulite
  • Diabetes support

Your body is made of light. With an infrared sauna, you are literally feeding your light body and helping it heal. Here is one you can get online: click here


This is HUGELY Fun and can not only help increase your fitness level but give you far more health benefits than you know. Here is a short list of health benefits:

  • Increases red-cell production activity of the bone marrow (raising oxygen-delivery capacity)
  • Promotes growth and tissue repair
  • Tones the endocrine system, especially the thyroid, to increase output
  • Improves coordination through enhanced transmission of nerve impulses and muscle response
  • Enhances digestion and elimination
  • Stimulates lymph flow for increased immunity and cold/allergy prevention
  • Creates better sleep and relaxation

Rebounders are a GREAT way to get a fun workout in and support your body. This is the one I bought on Amazon click here

Skin Brushing

Your skin is your largest organ. It is the first line of defense for detoxing. Brushing your skin daily, when it is dry, with a stiff-bristled brush gives you tons of health benefits(6).

These health benefits include:

  • Sheds the dead skin keeping your pores clear
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Supports lymph flow drainage
  • Stimulates the nervous system

The best time to dry brush is just after a shower. Be sure your skin is dry.

Check them out on Amazon click here

Note: Never brush over bruises, cuts, sunburns or infections.

Does Food Really Matter?

Traditional Diets of Long Lived Cultures

Taken from: Institute for Integrative Nutrition:What Docs Have Been Told

Create Your Year-Long Health Plan

How do you want to feel this time next year?

It takes awareness and consistency and you can live in a healthy body with an amazing quality of life which you deserve!

These are the steps to take:

Step I:

  • Take a probiotic one month on and one month off click here
  • Have a digestive enzyme with lunch and dinner as often as possible click here
  • Take a multi-vitamin to ensure you’re getting the vitamins and minerals you need click here (Review the Perque company click here)

Step II:

  • Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of clean filtered water daily (Hot water and lemon is a great way to start your morning!)
  • Eat mostly organic, non-processed, Non-GMO foods
  • Eat to provide your body with the support it needs at the time it needs it. Get curious how your body feels with different food combinations.
  • Chew your food a ton so the enzymes in your mouth can start your digestion

Step III:

  • Exercise at least 10-minutes every day preferably 30-minutes. Your body needs to strength training at least twice a week. Try my Get Fit program and get 2-weeks FREE click here
  • Give yourself permission to slow down and rest 10-20 minutes a day
    • Take 3-5 deep breaths before you eat and get into the present moment.
    • Have fun at least one a week
  • Be kind to yourself.




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