Do you struggle with health issues, fear & anxiety?

What if I told you that…

  • Most everything you eat is not good for you!
  • Being healthy is easier than you think!
  • You can feel safe and empowered all the time!
  • This world is NOT what you’ve been taught!

When you understand what your body is, what your emotions are, and why you’re here on the planet, everything changes! You will understand yourself from a completely new perspective.  Peace and Freedom become your “new normal” and NOTHING can take you out of balance for too long ever again!

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Michelle is the author of “Great Maui Land Grab: What caused the Maui fire and is your home next?”

What happened in Maui was not natural and should be a warning light for all free people!

Get ready to disoover: 

  • Numerous fire anomalies
  • The laws the Hawaii Governor suspended 22 days before the fire
  • Who is the Maui Police chief 
  • The death toll bouncing ball
  • Why did trees burn from the inside out
  • Why didn’t blue things burn
  • And tons more! 

You’ll also learn about the other fires around the world and how to protect yourself!

My book,”End Dieting Hell” is NOT about dieting! 

It is about understanding emotional trauma and what to do about it! It gets to the core of why you’ve struggled with weight (it could be ANY emotional challenge) for so long!

“If you’re on the weight loss rollercoaster ride, this book is for you! An inspirational read offering insights on how to lose weight and keep it off!”

Marci Shimoff,

#1 New York Times Best-Selling Author of “Happy For No Reason

My first book!


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