Do You struggle with AnXIETY & STRESS?

What if I told you the answer to…

  • Feeling grounded…
  • Having AMAZING self-confidence…
  • Feeling safe no matter what happens in the world…
  • Ending negative self-talk…

…Is literally touching your heart right now as you read this?!

Mainstream media and current social systems have kept you feeling small, constantly working hard, and living out of balance for too long!

When you understand what your body is, what your emotions are, and why you’re here on the planet at this time in history, everything changes! You will understand yourself from a completely new perspective.  Peace and Freedom become your “new normal” and NOTHING can take you out of balance for too long ever again!

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Is It Time To See Yourself From A New Perspective?

I’m Michelle Melendez, and I’ve been a fitness expert since 1996, a Live In A Body You Love Specialist since 2007 and an Emotional Expansion Integration Coach since 2017. After years of helping people lose weight I discovered that diet and exercise are NOT going to help people who’ve struggled with their weight most of their life… like EVER!

If you have tried everything in hopes of losing weight, feeling better about yourself and improving your life and nothing has worked, it’s because there is emotional trauma stuck in your body and it feels NORMAL for you to struggle! UGH!

Yes, it feels normal for you to put yourself down and hear that voice in your head constantly telling you…

    • “You can’t do it!”
    • “You’re not good enough!”
    • “No one will love you until you fix (fill in the blank)!”
    • “There is something wrong with you!”

I’m Here To Tell You That There Is NOTHING Wrong With YOU!

There is ONLY Emotional Expansion and Integration of your trauma! Doing anything else will keep you thinking there is something you need to fix about yourself! When you expand and integrate your trauma you will connect more powerfully with your intuition, fall in love with yourself, and life gets a TON more fun! The knowledge is here for you…when you’re ready.!

Michelle Melendez Is The Best Selling and 4-X Award Winning Author of: End Dieting Hell

End Dieting is not another diet and exercise book. It is a book that gets to the core of why you’ve struggled with weight for so long, and what to do about it! If you’ve been in dieting hell and you’re ready to achieve the health and weight you deserve, Michelle wrote this book for you!

“If you’re on the weight loss rollercoaster ride, this book is for you! An inspirational read offering insights on how to lose weight and keep it off!”

Marci Shimoff,

#1 New York Times Best-Selling Author of “Happy For No Reason


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