Week Four: Getting Into Balance


The products we talked about are here: 
  • How is your cleanse going?
  • How your gut works
  • Emotional Trauma Integration
  • Water and Digestion
  • Understanding Acid Indigestion
Gut Function and Support

What does your gut (digestive system) actually do?

  • Breaks down food into carbs, protein and fat so the body can absorb the nutrients
  • Regulates hormones
  • Activates your immune system

What to know about your gut:

Your Gut…

  • Has more nerves in your gut than in your entire spinal cord
  • Is 80% responsible for your immune system
  • Plays a major role in clean healthy skin
  • Makes 95% of your serotonin the happy feelings!

Four ways to support your gut:

  • Low sugar diet
  • High fiber diet
  • Probiotics and Prebiotics click here
  • Digestive enzymes to support your stomach click here


Here is a short list of the over 70 ways sugar negatively affects your body:

  • Decreases Learning and Memorization
  • Higher risk of heart attack
  • Depression
  • Sleep
  • And more!

Another BIG problem is sugar cannot be digested!

The body tries desperately to get it out of the bloodstream as quickly as possible and put it into the cells.

If you are continually consuming sugar, your body is not running as optimally as it can and you are headed toward disease.

To make matters worse sugar inactivates digestive enzymes making it harder for the body to absorb nutrients and breakdown food. (1)

You shouldn’t eat more than 25grams of fructose a day. 


Fiber is just the opposite. It feeds good gut bacteria and supports a healthy gut environment.

Fiber-rich diets have been shown to do the following:

  • Keep your bowel movements regular
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Keeps blood sugar levels stable
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Helps you live longer (2)

Studies show that people eating diets high in fiber had their risk of dying from heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and/or colon cancer reduced by 16 to 24 percent.

Research also shows that for every additional 8 grams of dietary fiber a person consumes, the risk of those diseases reduced by another 5 to 27 percent.

“The health benefits of fiber are supported by over 100 years of research into its chemistry, physical properties, physiology and effects on metabolism,” said author and researcher Andrew Reynolds, from the University of Otago in New Zealand.

Plus, a benefit of soluble fiber is it’s a prebiotic for your good gut bacteria! Yeah!


Probiotics create more good gut bacteria and prebiotics feeds them.  You can take both in one supplement click here  

You don’t need to take them long-term.

Take them until you are regular. Then, go off for a month and back on again. That will make sure you’re not over growing your good bacteria. It’s a balancing act.

[NOTE: Take probiotics 2-3 hours before or after medications.]

Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes support your stomach to breakdown food.

Six Factors Kill Digestive Enzymes:

  1. Sugar
  2. Stress
  3. Caffeine
  4. Alcohol
  5. Processed Foods
  6. Chlorine and other toxins from tap water

When your stomach doesn’t have the enzymes it needs your food may not get fully digested. If that happens, your food could ferment in your gut causing you to feel bloated and constipated.

Digestive enzymes will help your stomach do its job.  click here

If you know you’re going to eat a meal that doesn’t support your health, take a digestive enzyme.

Support Your Gut!

Best Digestion Support

Your gut needs a break from time to time. Your cells detox themselves when your gut is empty.

4-ways to support your digestion support:

  1. Go 12-hours between your last meal of the day and breakfast
  2. Wait for 4-hours between meals without snacks if you can
  3. Go for a 10-minute walk after meals to help things move along
  4. Eat foods together that have the same digestion timing and constitution in the stomach

Support your digestion the best you can and you’ll move toward health!

Water and Digestion

Staying hydrated is crucial for good health but does it aid in digestion(4)?

The simple answer is, “Yes”.

The stomach secrets water along with gastric acids and enzymes during digestion. Water is actually needed to promote the function of stomach enzymes so helping it along is a great idea.

Plus, drink water gives you a break between bites to check-in with your fullness level.

A 12-week study showed that participants who drank 17 oz (500 ml) of water before each meal lost 4.4 lbs (2 kg) more than those who did not(5).

Research also shows that drinking water may speed up your metabolism by about 24 calories for every 8 oz (500 ml) you consume (6)

However, if you suffer from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) drinking liquids with your meals may not be good for you since it will increase the pressure in your gut (4).

Alkaline Water(7)

If your diet has been mostly acidic or you have reflux disease you may benefit by drinking high ph water.

A study that included 100 people found that who consumed high pH water reduced viscosity by 6.3 percent compared to 3.36 percent with standard purified drinking water. This means blood flowed more efficiently with alkaline water. When the blood moves more efficiently it can increase oxygen delivery throughout the body.

Other than that there isn’t a lot of research that alkaline water will do all it claims to do. Still, it doesn’t hurt to drink it and it does give you some support.

The body’s kidneys and liver keep its ph at a comfortable 7.35-7.45.

What does “Natural Flavors” mean?

The phrase “natural flavors” means the original source is not manmade(9).

It DOES NOT mean that is all natural!

This is so deceiving.

Natural flavors are usually highly processed chemicals in combination with the original natural source. It is meant to flavor the food and has no nutritional value.

Food manufacturers don’t need to disclose what they put in “Natural Flavors” so it can be pretty much anything.

If you have a food allergy or wish to stay away from manmade chemicals in your food, limit foods and waters with the ingredient, “Natural Flavors”, you don’t know what you’re getting.

Understanding Acid Indigestion

In order for food to leave your stomach, there must be sufficient amounts of hydrochloric acid to break it down.  If there is not, food may stay in your stomach for too long causing digestion issues like heartburn(10).

Most people think heartburn is because there is too much acid in their stomach but the opposite is true. There isn’t enough acid to breakdown the food and you are feeling the results of that.

The worst thing you can do if you have this issue is to take an antacid tablet before you eat. Your stomach needs more acid not less. Antacids do the opposite of what you need. That’s why many people take more than the recommended amount.

The better option is taking a digestive enzyme with your meal to support the acid in your stomach and eat the right combination of foods.

For a great digestive enzyme click here

Digestive enzymes add more enzymes into your stomach to help the breakdown of your food.

If you know you’re going to have a big meal, give your gut added support and take a digestive enzyme.

Colon Cleanse

Shocking Colon Health Statistics(12): 

  • Constipation is defined as having fewer than three bowel movements per week.
  • Medications, IBS, laxative abuse, disease, poor diet and lack of exercise are common causes of constipation.
  • Over 4 million Americans are frequently constipated.
  • 2.5 million doctor appointments every year are for constipation and nearly half result in the use of laxatives.
  • Americans spend over $700 million every year on over-the-counter laxatives.
  • According to the American Gastroenterological Association, many people unnecessarily buy and use laxatives (13).
  • Routine use of some stimulant laxatives can cause dependency and frequent use may lead to complications.
  • Women and adults over the age of 65 are the most likely to suffer from constipation.

Want to increase your colon cleanse?

Here is an optional additional detox you can do using organic raw apple cider vinegar and sea salt.

This extra detox will…


Benefits you may experience with your colon cleansing using Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar:

  • Gives the body a good dose of enzymes
  • increases potassium intake
  • supports a healthy immune system
  • helps with weight control
  • promotes pH balance in the body
  • aids with healthy digestion
  • adds good bacteria for the gut and immune function
  • helps remove “sludge toxins” from the body

Colon Cleanse Mix and Protocol:

(Drink 8-ounces 3-4 x’s a day for four-days with or without food). Mix 8-ounces of distilled or purified water in glass or stainless steel container with 1-2 tablespoons of Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (ORACV). Add lemon to help with taste.

Fifth morning do a salt-flush: Dissolve one-two teaspoons of  non-iodized sea salt (such as Pink Himalayan sea salt) in one quart (four cups) of warm water. Add lemon for taste. Drink quickly on an empty stomach. Stay home.

[NOTE: Only do if you have a gallbladder. Check with your doctor before trying this additional detox.]
What to Expect

What To Expect:

  • You may get cramps. Rub your belly and walk it out.  It should go away.
  • You may liquid-like stool toward the end of the day but it shouldn’t feel urgent.
  • During the salt-flush you may have an urgent need to go to the restroom. Stay at home for 3-4 hours.

Do the best you can and always do what works for you and leave out what doesn’t.

Post on our private facebook page and let us know how it’s going. =)

Self-Talk Is Crucial For Good Health!

Self-talk will give you energy or take it away! 

If you’re constantly putting yourself down in your mind, you are hindering your health. 

The way you talk to yourself is a conditioned pattern that has been going on for a very long-time, if not all your life! 

This week start to notice your self-talk without judgement or making it bad. Just notice it. 

Practice the following: 

  • I am strong or my body is strong!
  • Things always work out for me! 
  • Why is my life getting better and better! 
  • I am so loved and taken care of! 

Let these statements make you smile and even laugh a bit. That will also help increase your energy. 

You create a spell every time you say, “I”. Whatever comes after that is the spell you’re casting for your life. 

You are a meaning making machine! Things don’t mean what you think they mean. You are making it up! 

Start making up a story that leaves you feeling good about yourself! 

You can do this! 

Gratitude For Food

What you think is a frequency that goes out into the field and ripples into reality. 

Before eating send gratitude frequency into the food and tell it what you are thanking it for. 

Food Gratitude Frequency: 

Thank you for…

  • Energizing my cells
  • Boosting my immune system
  • Helping me sleep better
  • Helping me enjoy this body everyday

What you think about the food matters! No matter what you eat, let your thoughts help food support you! 

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