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“I’m not saying it’s going to be easy! I’m saying it’s going to be worth it!”

Select your Week:

Week One: Intro And Prepare

Module One Video Click Here!

Module Details:

  • Intro and how to navigate your program
  • Recommended Supplements
  • Take your measurements
  • Starting your program
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Week Two: Pre-week Detox

Module Two Click Here!

Module Details:

  • What is included in your program
  • Is your water contimitated?
  • Stress and your body
  • Your food is information
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Week Three: Liver Detox

Module Three Click Here!

Module Details:

  • Fed-Up Trailer
  • Understanding the food industry
  • Why do you crave sugar?
  • 4 Foods to Avoid and Why
  • Understanding your liver
  • Your Liver Cleanse Protocol
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Week Four: Colon Detox

Module Four Click Here!

Module Details:

  • How your gut works
  • Food Combining & Timing
  • Water and Digestion
  • Understanding Acid Indigestion
  • Week Four Protocol
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Week Five: Integration

Module Five Click Here!

Module Details:

  • The Language Of Your Body
  • Optimize Your Nutrients
  • Cancer Insights
  • Additional Support
  • What to Remember
  • Testimonial Request
  • What’s Next?
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Week Six: Year-Long Health Plan

Module Six Click Here!

Module Details:

  • Healthy Cookware
  • 2 Healthy products you should own
  • #1 thing that supports your skin
  • Does food really matter?
  • Create Your Year-Long Health Plan (Fun Game!)
  • Living In A Body You Love (#1 insight you’ll never learn in a gym)
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Bonus Module
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One-On-One Session:

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