Sobbed Through The Airport

I flew home to the Big Island of Hawaii this last Thursday. The picture below is me saying good by to my dog, Buddy who has become an emotional support dog for a dear friend. I made the very hard decision when I moved to Hawaii to let my friend keep him because I knew Buddy was very loved, would go to his favorite beach every day and would be a most needed support for my friend.  However, the decision broke my heart. This picture was taken right before I broke down and cried my eyes out. As I got out of the car and the tears didn’t stop. I walked through airport security literally sobbing; tears streaming down my face.  The tears turned from sadness that I was leaving my best friend behind to an even deeper sadness when I realized I would probably never go through an airport and connect with the other travels as I normally did. Masks covered everyone’s face.  You see when I travel I always connect with people. I ask where they are going and send them heartfelt appreciate for being on the planet with me at this time in history. I could still connect but not like I used to and it was breaking my heart.  The pain in my heart was almost unbearable so I let the tears stream and I didn’t care who saw it.  A young man in front of me with a mask on his face kept turning around and finally he asked if I was okay. I told him, “I just need to cry”.  After a while he tried to strike up a conversation and we chatted about where we were headed even with me still sobbing and getting the words out as best as I could.  As we parted ways going through security I thanked him for the connection and he told me he hopes I feel better.   Tears still flowed by my cheeks as I sat on the plane watching the flight attendants do their security briefing with us. Afterwards one of them came by and gave me some water.  I realized then that I was having connection with others. It was just very different.

There Is A Deep Grieving Happening For All Of Us. 

This grieving has to do with missing our lives before COVID and understanding it may never be the same again.  ​​​​​​​Have you allowed yourself to grieve? What if this is the way the world is meant to be right now?  What if these events are creating something we’ve all been asking for…change?  Still, the grieving process is important. Feeling your feelings is important.  I’m going to doing a class to discuss this more deeply and give you some practices that will leave you finding your balance as I finally found mine when I stepped off the plane back on the Big Island of Hawaii. So much Mahalo (thanks) for reading this. We are here together to make the world a better place through our emotional expansion. Please comment below and let me know how you’re doing. I’ll let you know more about the class I’m doing this coming week. Lastly, if you think you’re not good enough and put yourself down everyday, there is a way out of the emotional hell! The End Dieting Hell Journey still has open registration. Learn more Click Here! 

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