Fun FREE Home Workout!

I know it’s a scary time we’re in. People are having to stay home; schools are closed; sporting events and concerts are canceled.

When you’re feeling fearful the best thing to do is get in your body and out of your head! However, if your gym has closed, where are you going to workout?


How About At Home! =)

Here is a workout you can do right now wherever you are! It will tone and firm EVERY muscle in your body! 🙂

I filmed it at the beautiful Chico State Rose Garden in California years ago when my biz was called, “Women Getting Fit”! Click the Play Button to give I a try! (Get ready to tone and firm every muscle in your body and release some stress!)

(Click the square to put it in full screen)

Online workouts can be a new concept for many women. That’s the way it was with my clients in the live Pilates Full Body program in California!

The mayor of San Francisco decided to put most Bay Area counties on lockdown. The studio where I own a live Pilates class closed. At first my clients were skeptical about having their class online. However, once they gave it a try here is a message I received:

I was a pleasantly surprised at how well it went, what a good workout and how easy it was to set up.  I will do it again! –Ellen P.


You don’t have to join an online class, even though I teach a live class every Tuesday morning and I’d LOVE to see you there! To join me click here

The Workout Above Is Part Of a Dream Come True For Me!

My dream has been to film workouts around the world and teach online class! And it is happening!

If this workout touches your heart and leaves your body feeling great, learn more about your Be Fit with Love online workout program click here!

Here is what a member thought when she tried this program:

Are you ready for…

  • 10, 20, 30+ minute Full Body Workouts you can do anytime, anywhere!
  • Workouts that include positive affirmations that lift your mood!
  • A Fun exercise game to help you stay motivated to workout!
  • A community of like minded women who support each other to stay fit!
  • And more!

Try The Be Fit with Love Online Workout Program For 2-weeks for ONLY $1!

Click Here!

When you join you don’t only get Unlimited Access to fun workouts you can do right at home but you’re helping my dream become a reality! Thank you!

What’s Your Dream?

Instead of living in fear, let this time be a reflection of what you want in your life and let your heart guide you to your next step.

This time of change is a gift that we’ve all been waiting for. It is not looking like we had hoped and it’s a gift non-the-less. I’m curious to see how it all unfolds and I truly believe that we are all taken care of.

Much Aloha sent your way,


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