Peace With Your Body (Possible?)

I’ve interviewed tons of women around the world who’ve struggled with their weight and the #1 thing they tell me when I ask, “What do you really want in your life that you don’t have now because of your weight?”

Their answer…


Why is it so fleeting?

If you’ve been reading my blogs and watching my videos, you know that I teach about emotional addiction to the struggle to lose weight and how that sabotages your weight loss efforts every time.

When you are emotionally addicted to the feeling of struggling with your weight no exercise or diet program in the world will give you lasting results!

It’s not possible for something to release your emotional addiction that is outside of you. And when you try, it will only frustrate and disappoint you leaving you feeling not good enough and ashamed…Again!  

Why does life have to be this way? Why is there suffering? Why have you struggled with weight for so long?

“To live is to suffer. To survive is to find meaning in the suffering.” -Roberta Flack

Your only way to peace is through your suffering not away from it.

When you try diet and exercise programs that focus on releasing the weight but you don’t pay attention to why the weight is there in the first place you are setting yourself up for MORE Suffering!

Facing your pain takes courage. Most people ignore their pain which leads to addictions with food, sex, drugs, you name it! Addictions allow you to avoid pain by experiencing pleasure for a short time even though it causes you more suffering in the long-run.

The catalyst of events that caused your emotional addiction to weight is the seed to freedom and peace with your body. When you have gone through the fire and come out the other side, you are stronger for it and can look back at your suffering and see it in a new light.

If you’ve struggled with your weight most of your life, have you ever stopped to acknowledge the pain of that?

It is painful to struggle with something for so long and never experience the pleasure of reaching your goal.

The sad thing is if you do release the weight and you are emotionally addicted to struggling with your weight…

No Amount of Weight Loss Will Be Enough!

You will NEVER feel good enough about the way you look and that SUCKS!

In fact, when you do lose weight you’ll immediately have fear that you’ll gain it back…Sucks Again!

What do you do?

The first thing to do is STOP going on diet and exercise programs. They will help you lose weight but it WILL NEVER LAST!

It’s time to turn and face your pain so you can have a new experience and start releasing your emotional addiction to your unwanted weight.

Here is a practice from my “Live in a Body You Love” program (Registration is now open).

Practice: Your Life Movie 

The best way to do this practice is to journal about it, and visualization is a good place to start. 

Look back at your life as if you are watching a movie and you are the leading character. Think of the main challenges the leading character (you) experienced. Notice how these challenges formed the life of the main character. 

How do you feel about everything the main character (you) went through? What feelings come up when you look at your life from a third-person perspective? Do you feel compassion for the main character in your story? 

Every event you’ve experienced has shaped who you are today but NOT who you will become! That, sweet sister, is up to you. 

Compassion is the first step that brings your body peace. When you feel compassion for everything you’ve experienced in your life, you can look at your life with new eyes.

Then when feelings come up that you are addicted to like frustration, embarrassment, guilt or shame you can see that they were created at a time when a younger version of yourself was going through the wringer and you can start giving yourself a break.

Remember, what you went through and the emotional conditioning you created from it, are NOT who you are. They are only emotional addictions and memorized behaviors that keep you overweight because it feels normal but it’s not who you are!

If you constantly criticize yourself and make yourself wrong, you will forever be in the cycle of lose weight, gain weight and the suffering will not end. Begin to have compassion for yourself and give yourself a break… It’s time.

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