Emotional Weight Loss Age

Your biological age and the age of your emotions are two different things. Have you ever seen an adult throw a temper tantrum? I have an example for you.

Client Story 

I remember talking with a client and she literally threw a tantrum on the phone. We started talking about her food and she immediately took offense and got angry. I listened as she told me that she couldn’t help what she ate and that’s just the way it was! It even sounded like she stomped her foot and crossed her arms. 

I asked her to tell me the age of the emotions she was feeling. She paused and took a deep breath. I could hear her body relax as she reconnected with me and realized something new about herself. She told me it felt like a five-year-old. I then asked her what happened when she was five years old. She told me that she felt alone and unimportant and her parents would tell her what she could and couldn’t eat.  

Her five-year-old emotional body was running her behavior as an adult, because she hadn’t yet come to terms with her past. There was still anger and pain when she thought of her childhood. We started working on having her accept her childhood without making it wrong or trying to fix anything.

Acceptance of all you’ve been through is your first step in healing your past. 

Regarding low body image and struggling with your weight, an emotionally intense event happened in your past and you made an unconscious decision about how you’ll keep yourself safe. That became your memorized emotional state, and it still runs your life today. 

This means you can be a sixty-year-old woman with a five- year-old emotional body that makes the choices and behaviors in your life. Isn’t that crazy?

This is why diet and exercise programs will never work for you?

Your adult mind and adult emotions are not running the show. To live in a body you love, you must emotionally grow-up and expand by first acknowledging and FULLY accepting all you’ve been through without making ANY of it wrong or trying to fix it.

If you don’t understand this, you’ll keep looking outside yourself for answers. It’s only when you understand that you have memorized emotional addictions that come from a younger version of yourself that you start to heal and find peace.

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