Fear Anxiety and Weight Loss Oh My!

Two main feelings my clients have nearly everyday is fear and anxiety. Many women who work with me tell me they have anxiety in their body so they overeat to feel better and release the fear. They then feel ashamed and disappointed in themselves and the cycle repeats itself daily.

The “negative” feelings you have are not bad or wrong. They are there to teach you about yourself.

This is the time of awakening and that means we are starting to understand our human journey differently. You CAN release the drama of your life by becoming aware of ALL that you are without making yourself wrong. That includes understanding and fully accepting your fear and anxiety. When you do that you become free and learn how to be with those feelings in a new way. Fear and anxiety can become emotionally conditioned in the body. This means the body feels normal experiencing anxious and fearful emotions. When that happens and you eat to try and feel better that pattern doesn’t stop with “will-power”. It actually gets conditioned in EVERY cell of your body. If it is conditioned in the body, you must understand it from a new perspective to break the cycle.

Arguing with it or making it wrong will NEVER change it!

You literally have to see those feelings differently than you’re used to seeing them. This is what we do on the End Dieting Hell 90-day journey. To learn about this journey click here.  The first thing you want to do to start releasing anxiety is to recognize that’s what you are feeling. If you ignore it, it will never change. Next don’t make it wrong or judge the fact that you are stressed and feeling anxious. Let it be okay without judgment. That DOEN’T mean you’re making it right. It means you’re accepting it’s a feeling in your body and isn’t right or wrong or good or bad. It is simply a feeling you’re experience in the moment. This step can be challenging because you are conditioned to make yourself wrong and actually accepting something about yourself will not feel normal.

I want to tell you something about yourself…There is NOTHING wrong with you!

Even your anxiety is not bad or wrong. It is a human emotion that is telling you something about yourself. Put your hand on your heart and ask your fear, “What age are you and what do you want to tell me?” This message will not come from your mind. You will feel it in your heart. Maybe it is telling you that you were once a scared child or teenage who never felt safe and that part of you hasn’t been acknowledged and accepted. Nothing in your life happened by accident or chance. You are on a human journey that will emotionally expand your spirit toward freedom, love and peace if, and only if, you accept ALL you’ve been through and acknowledge your feelings. Only then will you be free. This is the work I do with women around the world in the End Dieting Hell 90-day journey. After you accept the fear and anxiety without making it right or wrong, tell your body that you are safe and notice one way you are safe. You could simply close your eyes and put your hands on your heart, feeling your heart beating and taking deep breaths and repeating, “I am safe,” until your body relaxes. Your negative feelings are not wrong or bad. They are telling you about yourself and your job is to pay attention and create a new relationship with yourself based on understanding and compassion for all you’ve been through. That will take you on a journey toward living in a body you love! If you live with anxiety and fear, your life has been challenging and that fear comes from times you didn’t feel safe. This work will take practice and patience. If you’d like to be guided on your journey, checkout the End Dieting Hell 90-Day program. I’d love to be show you a new path in life.

To learn about this journey click here. 

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