Ego Versus Weight Loss

Here is an acronym I really like in regards to the Ego and it goes like this…

E.G.O. = Edging God Out

I like this acronym because your Ego does edge out insights and intuitions you get that can lead you toward what you really want in life. When you disregard these things your Ego gets to stay with what is familiar and, most importantly, it gets to be right.

Your Ego was created from your past experiences. It is your personality and designed to keep you safe and knowing how to behave in the world around various people, circumstances, and events.

How does this relate to losing weight?

If you’ve struggled with your weight most of your life, your Ego feels familiar being overweight even though it’s something you don’t like. You know how to live in a body you don’t love and sometimes without realizing it, you’ll fight to stay that way.

For example, I had a client who no matter what diet she went on would sabotage herself and blame it on past childhood issues. Well, she’s partly right.

Your Ego was created from your personality that was created by childhood events so her idea that her childhood issues were sabotaging her weight loss efforts is half the story.

It would actually be more accurate to say that her Ego is what sabotages her weight loss efforts.

When you understand that your Ego wants to keep things the same in your life even if it’s not what you want, you can start to see your weight loss journey in a new way.

Here are 3-ways to start taking control of your Ego and move toward what you want:

#1: Be Honest With Yourself 

Start noticing when you want to be right about what is keeping the weight on.

For example, when you try a new diet program and fail, your Ego gets to be right when you feel yourself saying, “Diets don’t work for me.”

This is your Ego talking.

Question: Do diets work?

I would rather say, do proper nutrition plans work for women to release weight?


Why wouldn’t they work for you?

One reason could be your addicted to sugar and you don’t want to change your eating patterns. Your eating patterns are easy and familiar and changing them may feel like a hassle and too hard to do. It’s easier to give the excuse, “Diets don’t work.”

Start being honest with yourself by saying, “I know proper nutrition plans do help women release weight. The truth is right now, I’m not ready. I want to eat the way I’m eating and I’m not going to make myself wrong for that.”

When you are 100% honest with yourself you stop the fight and open up to the possibility of seeing the situation in a new way.

One thing that is crucial here is NEVER to make yourself wrong.

When you make yourself wrong your Ego will fight to be right. This is why curiosity is the perfect next step after honesty.

#2: Get Curious 

One way to help the Ego relax and not want to do battle with your goals is to ask it questions.

Ask your Ego, “What if there is a different way to look at this?”

“What if it’s possible to enjoy what I eat and still release weight?”

“What would that look like and how would I feel about myself?”

“What is one easy thing I can do today that would allow me to feel good about myself and the food I eat?”

Your questions should be toward the positive and never about why you are doing what you’re doing.

For example, if you ask, “Why do I keep doing this?”

Your Ego is happy to give you the answer and that will keep the negative vibration going.

When you ask open-ended questions that get you curious about how to have what you want, that actually allows your Ego to get on board with the program and not fight you.

When you start to get to know your Ego and ask it questions like the ones above you start to release its negative hold on you.

Another Example:

If you’re trying to get into your jeans and they aren’t fitting, notice the feeling of frustration and disappointment.

Simply notice it.

Then, be honest with yourself. You may think, “I’m feeling really frustrated with my action of eating too much desert last night. I know this feeling well.”

Remeber do not make yourself wrong or you’ll set yourself up for a fight with your Ego.

Instead of making yourself wrong for eating too much desert have a new conversation like, “I know I’m addicted to sugar and I know that I feel bad about myself when I eat too much. What is something I can easily do that releases my sugar addiction and inspires me to take actions that move me toward a body I love?”

When you recognize your addiction to sugar and the negative emotion caused by it and you don’t make it wrong but instead get curious about being inspired toward something else, you don’t give your Ego a chance to bud in.

What does the Ego have to say about you’re wanting to be inspired to something that is easy?

Your Ego won’t fight you on that.

#3 Understand Your Emotional Conditioning

Your Ego is connected with to the emotional conditioning you have in your body and how you normally feel about yourself, people, situations, and events.

Emotions are chemicals that are in every cell of your body and your cells become conditioned to the emotions you have every day.

This is what keeps you stuck living the same way over and over again. You are comfortable with your behaviors even though they don’t give you what you want.

Shifting from your emotional conditioning doesn’t happen overnight but it can happen.

One of the best ways to get the ball rolling is to start from the inside out and detox your body.

Remember what I said earlier that your body’s feelings are chemicals in every cell of your body.

Well, the best way to start to shift that is to remove toxins from your body so your body is clean to experience new emotions.

When you detox you shift the normal chemicals in your body and get your body ready to experience something new.

Then, when you ask yourself questions like, “What is something easy I can do to feel better in my body?” It will be simple to answer.

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Please leave me any comments or questions you have about the topic above. I’d love to hear from you.

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