3-Ways Toxins Cause Weight Gain

Estimates suggest you’re exposed to more than 700,000 different toxic chemicals on a daily basis from the air you breathe, water you drink, foods you eat, and environmental sources. (1)

Does toxic exposure cause weight gain?


3-Ways Toxins Cause Weight Gain


One of the number one ways the body releases weight is because your hormones are working efficiently. Unfortunately, toxins can hinder the body’s normal hormone processes

For example, Bisphenol A, which is commonly referred to as BPA, a highly toxic substance normally used in the production of plastics, medical tools, canned foods—even cash register receiptsYes, touching receipts may be putting this toxin into your body through your skin. (2)

BPA has been shown to be linked with numerous disturbing health issues like obesity and diabetes, cancer and behavioral disorders.

Many experts believe consuming BPA can alter the way your body produces insulin. It has even been shown to induce insulin resistance. If insulin isn’t working correctly, your body will easily store fat. (3)

Tip #1: Start purchasing BPA-free plastics, avoid canned foods, when possible and wash your hands after touch receipts or don’t touch them at all and go paperless.


Your body does its best to protect you from toxins by creating fat cells around toxins and move them away from vital organs.

The issue with this is these fat cells are hard to release from the body. Since they were created because of toxins they do not function like normal fat cells.

In a normal fat cell, the hormone Leptin can turn it from fat storing to fat burning. When your fat cells are storing toxins, Leptin is powerless against them. When Leptin doesn’t do its job not only do you store more fat but your appetite increases as well because Leptin is the KEY to appetite control! Ugh!

Tip #2: Help your body keep Leptin working effectively by cutting out anything with high fructose corn syrup. Yes, you have fat cells that hinder the performance of Leptin and high fructose corn syrup turns off Leptin completely. Cut that from your diet and you can support Leptin to regulate your appetite. However, you will need to detox your body to support it even more.


Toxins seem to love the thyroid. Your thyroid helps your body use energy, regulates body temperatures, and keeps your brain, heart and other organs working as they should.

Your thyroid also has a very important job when it comes to weight. It regulates your metabolism. This means it is the master of keeping you at your current weight.

When your thyroid is under attack by toxins from your environment, food or water you consume, you won’t be able to burn fat as you normally do and gaining weight will be the result.

Not only is your thyroid affected by toxins but many processes slow down when toxins are running through your body.

Here is a short list of things that slow -down and things that increase:

  • Weight loss slows and weight gain increases
  • Energy slows
  • Mental clarity slows
  • Appetite Increases
  • Chance of disease increases

Tip #3: Find a detox system that works with your busy life and do it once or twice a year!

Detoxing is crucial these days with all the toxins that are in our environment. I do my own detox a few times a year and run a program for clients twice a year.

Cleansing your body’s detoxifying organs will help your body keep you safe naturally.

Coming in August…

The two-time a year 10-week Detox, Defend and Reset program begins August 21st.

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Why am I doing?

If you’re ready to…

  • Detox your body and help your organs run optimally
  • Defend yourself against diseases as best you can including cancer and auto-immune disorders.
  • Increase your energy and memory
  • Release inches and melt-away fat as you reset your metabolism

I want it to be easy for you to say, “Yes”!

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It should be illegal what is allowed in our food. Our water has chlorine, fluoride and other substances that are not healthy. Even the air we breathe has traces of aluminum, strontium, and barium, which are heavy metals that get into our lungs and affect our respiratory system and memory.

Detoxing is a sure way to keep your body healthy, strong and vibrant. =)

I hope you’ll be open to seeing what’s possible for you when you detox.

Your Fitness Ally,

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Michelle Melendez
Fitness Expert since 1996
P. S. I know learning about toxins can seem overwhelming. I’m glad you’re taking it one step at a time and learning the 3-ways toxins affect your weight loss goals. You deserve to feel good in your body. Oh Yeah!

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