3 Insights To Release Negative Self-Talk

Do you ever hear a voice in your head saying…

  • You’re fat
  • You have no will-power
  • You’re unloveable
  • You’ll never lose the weight
  • You look frumpy in that outfit
  • You look horrible…Don’t let them take your picture!

When your negative voice acts up and you pay attention, your brain is releasing chemicals into your body that create feelings of insecurity, unhappiness, and frustration. 

If you do that every day, the cells in your body become conditioned to those emotional chemicals and your cells will actually send signals to your brain for you to think thoughts that release those chemicals into your body over and over again.

This is why you could go your entire life and NEVER live in a body you love!

What can you do?

Here are 3-insights into freedom from negative self-talk:

Insight #1: Recognize 

When you notice yourself feeling bad or frustrated about your body, recognize what thoughts you’re having that are bringing up these feelings.

This can be really challenging because when you hear your negative voice you’ll tend to think whatever it is saying is true.

It is NOT the truth!

It is only telling you what you are used to hearing.

The first thing for you to do is notice what your negative voice is saying to you that it ALWAYS says.

Simply notice it without making it right or wrong. It’s just a voice wanting you to react…so don’t! 

Insight #2: Ask

As soon as you start to hear and feel your negative self-talk, ask yourself…

“If this thought wasn’t true, how else could I think and feel about this situation?”

Okay, this is POWERFUL!

With this question, you are not trying to negate the negative voice (which will never work) you are opening up a new opportunity for your unconscious mind to find a new thought it hasn’t had before.

Any question you ask yourself, your unconscious mind will want to find the answer to.

With this question you can open up your heart and mind to experience something new…if you let it.

Insight #3: Permission

Take a deep breath and give yourself permission to feel something new.

Like I said earlier, every cell in your body is conditioned to feel the same way over and over. It feels normal to feel that way but it doesn’t mean it is who you are.

It’s only what you are used to feeling.

When you ask yourself how else could you feel, and something starts to show up, give yourself permission to feel that new feeling.

Since you’ve practiced listening to your negative self-talk every day, it will take practice opening to something new. You may find yourself arguing with yourself to feel the old way.

Here are a few ways to help you shift:

  • Join an exercise program that helps you think differently like my “Get Fit & Create Confidence and Self-Love” program click here to learn more
  • Get an accountability buddy who will help check you when you start going back into your old pattern
  • Join a community of like-minded women who have your back (included with the “Get Fit” program)
  • Hire a coach that can give you new insights into your journey. If I feel like the right coach, get on my calendar and let’s chat! Click Here

Last Thoughts:

Many women will go their entire life not living in a body they love because they are emotionally addicted to their negative self-talk and they don’t realize it is NOT who they truly are.

You’re on a journey of emotional transformation, sweet lady.

You can choose to become your own hero and shift everything you’ve ever thought about yourself or you can choose to stay with what is familiar and known.

Give the above insights a try and see what shows up for you.

You can do this!

Your Fitness Ally,










Michelle Melendez-Master Trainer & Weight Loss Specialist

P.S. What if your soul wanted to experience a transformational journey of self-love? If so, it would have to live in a body it doesn’t love and discover how to love it.

P.S.S. It is not a mistake you’re reading this. Get started on my Get Fit and Create Confidence and Self-Love 21-day workout and transformation program and see what happens for you Click Here

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