Transform Negative Self-Talk

Is the negative voice in your head sometimes with you all day long?

The things it says the most include:

  • You’re not good enough!
  • You can’t do because you never have!
  • You’ll never be as good as her!
  • You’re ugly and flabby!
  • No one will love you looking like that!
  • Losing weight is too hard!

Those are not only thoughts but chemicals and vibrations that enter and change your cells DNA to match the thought.

When this happens you will sabotage ANY diet or exercise program you go on…or any goal you’re moving toward that you don’t feel worthy to achieve.

What can you do?

First, recognized the negative voice as an emotional addiction.


This is HUGE!

Do not make the voice wrong or try and fight with it or disagree with it.

If you do, it will only get stronger.

You WILL NEVER win over your negative voice!

Instead get to know it.

Ask it what age it is and what experience created it. (Listen)

Open your heart to explore how old this voice is that is speaking to you.

An age and maybe a memory will come up. Notice it and here is the challenging part….

Don’t Judge The Memory or Age As Good or Bad, Right or Wrong.

This is the tricky part because we want to blame and make ourselves or others wrong for the negative things that have happened in our lives. When you do that you lose your power and the negative voice will never give you a break!

Instead imagine that your soul had an agenda before you were born and everything that has happened to you was meant to happen so your soul could emotionally expand toward love and forgiveness.

How would you feel about your life if you knew that were true?

Giving yourself a break from making yourself wrong and fighting with your inner critic will start to give you a different experience. That is the evolution I’m talking about!

You, as well as everyone on the planet, are here too emotionally expand and evolve toward a greater version of yourself. That is your life-purpose.

The only way to do that is to 100% accept your life the way it is now.

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