Best Tip To De-Stress!

Best Tip To De-Stress!

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Stress is the undoing of health in your body.

Unlike animals who feel stress and 15-minutes later are back to their normal set point, humans have the ability to think their way to stress.

Stress can become a set point in your body if you are constantly feeling it. When that happens good feelings, energy, and rest get harder and harder to experience.

Here is one way to de-stress and you can do it anytime, anywhere:

Be in the present moment.

Being in the present moment releases stress from your body because you cannot be present and think about things that stress you out at the same time. You can only do one or the other.

An easy way to be present is to get in nature. Nature automatically brings your energy back into harmony and your body starts to relax.

Give this 2-minute practice a try:

  • Stand in nature or at a window and observe what’s happening in each moment.
  • Listen for the beginning and ending of the sounds around you.
  • Feel the breeze on your face, on your arm hairs and around your body no matter how slight it is. If you’re inside, notice if there are areas of your body that are warmer than others in this moment.
  • Let your life be okay just the way it is without thinking of how to “fix” it and just be present.

Start by doing this 2-minute practice once a day for a week. Then, do it twice a day for a week.

Next, add one minute every week until you reach 10-minutes and watch how much easier it is to be in your life and how things start to flow. Oh Yeah!

It’s time to relax in your life and stop waiting for things to be a certain way before you’re happy!

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