3 Easy Ways to Feel Good and Lose Weight!

3 Easy Ways to Feel Good and Lose Weight!

womanwitharmsoutSince it’s been shown that when you feel good you’re more inclined to make healthy choices, let’s make it fun and easy for you!

Here are 3 ways to release feel good chemicals in your brain and body:

1. Eat Foods that contain amino acids tyrosine and phenylalanine. These amino acids begin the development of dopamine. Examples include Organic NON-GMO: cottage cheese, soy, yogurt, dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa; Free range turkey meat.

2. Do cardio or weight training exercises for 30-40 minutes. According to the University of California, exercise, to a certain extent, increases serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain. If you do more exercise it doesn’t release more of these positive neurochemicals so it does level out. 

3. Play challenging games like chess, cards or video games. You can even make up a game of challenge.

bellpepperHere is one I like to play that is silly, fun and easy to do. When you go grocery shopping, go on a mission to find a certain product in the store. Let’s say, your mission is to find bell peppers.

You walk into the store and feel your mission begin and your energy starts to rise. Already you’re releasing positive neurochemicals in your brain. 

You go to the produce section and you’re excited with anticipation of achieving your goal! When you see the bell peppers, you feel elated! Again, more positive neurochemeicals are released.

To make this work you must imagine and give yourself permission to have fun! Feel your heart start to race a bit as you get closer to the bell peppers! STOP in front of them and feel excited that you’re about to achieve your goal! When you put them in your cart feel accomplished and happy! You may even jump and down a bit.

Is this made up? Yep

Does this sound silly? Probably.

Does it work? ABSOLUTELY!!! If you truly play the game. =)

Your brain doesn’t know the difference between something you make up in your head and a real action so this can be REALLY fun, Super Simple and Easily to get that boost of feel good chemicals coursing through your body!

When you give yourself a boost of feel good chemicals you’re much more likely to do more things that give you these chemicals and that can lead to making healthy fit choices that allow the weight to melt off!

Give it a try and post your experience on our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/womengettingfitnow/

I’d LOVE to read your experiences with this game! =)

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