End Dieting Hell Part 3

Do You Believe There Is Something Wrong With You?

If so, you’re not alone.

If you’ve ever heard…

  • “I can’t believe you did that!”
  • “No one wants to listen to you!”
  • “You’re just going to be fat!”
  • “You look horrible in that outfit!”
  • “Don’t eat so much!”

Then you, more than likely, have a belief that there is something wrong with you.

Your parents, deep down, only wanted the best for you and raised you with the tools and skills they had from their own past traumas.  Because of that, they may have said things that left you feeling there is something wrong with you.

When that happens your body and mind become conditioned to make you wrong. This can lead to overeating, self-loathing and constant self-criticism.

Going on a diet sets you up to make yourself wrong!

Think about it…

You go on a diet because you’re not eating right and need to “get back on track”.

That right there says you’re doing something wrong. You’re already starting off with the premise that you’re doing something wrong…again!

It’s no wondering your diet will fail and you’ll gain the weight back!

Enough is enough don’t you think?!

The first way to get yourself off this roller coaster ride of thinking there is something wrong with you is to have…

Compassion For Yourself!

Think about your life from when you were born till now. Think of all the challenges, trauma, hurts, heartbreaks, rejections, and disappointments you’ve had to face in your life. 

Think of the little girl inside you who wanted so badly to be loved and told that she was good, that she mattered, and was perfect just the way she is.

Think of the teenager inside you who was misunderstood, heartbroken from first love, rejected by peers, always compared to others and all this while going through a hormonal roller coaster ride.

Think of the 20-year old inside you trying to find her way through fears, challenges, and disappointments.

Bring to mind every hurt you’ve experienced in your life until today. Include all the times you were abandoned, betrayed, neglected, rejected, didn’t feel good enough and ALL the times YOU put yourself down.

For a minute or two recall it all!   

Now step out of your body and your life and witness yourself from a 3rd person perspective like you are watching a movie that has nothing to do with you. 

How would you feel for this woman you’re watching?

Compassion Shifts Your Emotional Vibration From Making Yourself Wrong To Relief, Love, and Freedom.

Compassion is your way out! 

How would you feel for a beautiful child, teenager, woman who has gone through all you’ve gone through?

You did what you needed to do to survive your childhood and keep yourself moving forward.

It’s time to have compassion for this beautiful soul who has longed for one thing all her life…love.

It’s time to see yourself and all your experiences and open your heart to tenderness for the one person who deserves it more than anyone…YOU!

“You, More Than Anyone In The Entire Universe, Deserve Your Love and Affection”  -Buddha

When you feel compassion for yourself the chemicals that create that emotion inspire you toward actions that leave you feeling good about yourself. You start to see patterns that don’t serve you and ways out of them. 

Here are 5-easy steps to start feeling compassion for yourself:

Step one: Close your eyes and think of all the hardships and trauma your soul has gone through from a small child up until now.

Step two: See the little girl inside you looking up at you. What does she need to hear from you that she didn’t hear from the adults in her life?

Step three: Tell her what she needed to hear and tell her how beautiful she is and that you’ll never leave her. You’ll always be here to take care of her. Give her a big hug and hold her until you both feel secure, safe and loved.

Step Four: Open your eyes and go through your day taking care of the little girl inside of you. Love her up!

Step Five: When you start to put yourself down, repeat steps 1-4.

It’s time to have compassion for ALL you’ve been through and start to move toward love and forgiveness of yourself and others.

Do that and happiness, ease and weight loss will follow!

That is where to start your weight release journey. Compassion will lead you toward love and forgiveness of yourself and others and inspire you to make different choices.

The choices you will make will come from love instead of feeling there is something wrong with you. Start there and your entire way of being will change for the better. =)

More insights to come. For now, please let me know how this blog comes across for you.

Do you have questions or insights you didn’t have?

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I’d love to learn about your journey sweet sister.

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1 thoughts on “End Dieting Hell Part 3

  1. cis says:

    Yes, it seems that American women do a lot of this. I feel it is related to the stressful lifestyle that the US came up with over time … a lifestyle that is increasingly being exported worldwide.
    It is a BAD style of thinking that never helped.
    Glad you are exposing it.

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