3 Tips To Get Unstuck with your weight and body image

3 Tips To Get Unstuck With Your Weight and Body Image


Did you know that the over 50 trillion cells in your body become conditioned/addicted to the chemical feelings you send off from your brain regularly?

The cells in your body have thousands of receptors on them and each one transfers the emotional signal from your brain into the cell and literally changes the behavior of your cell to synch with that emotion.

Your cells become conditioned to that signal so much so that if you want to feel a different emotion, it won’t feel normal and you will sabotage yourself so your body can feel comfortable in the known emotional vibration.

If you are constantly putting out the signal that you don’t like your body, your 50+ trillion cells will vibrate at that frequency and trigger thoughts in your brain to keep that emotion alive for you.

That is one HUGE reason you stay stuck.

The first thing to do to get unstuck is to recognize that you have an emotional addiction to something you don’t want.

It is crucial to understand this…your feelings, environment, and what you eat, create your life and the body you’re on a cellular level.

The second thing to do is discover the feeling of what you want and alkaline your body with good food as you bring this new feeling regularly into your cells. Both of these steps are important, the new emotional vibration (feeling) and your food.

The third step is to change your environment.

Your environment holds energy!

When you go home, your home has a normal feeling to it. That feeling synchs with the cells of your body.

To help you get unstuck, change things up. You can move furniture around. Add a new picture that inspires you or sage your home, which is REALLY helpful to shift energy.

When you do the steps above, you will literally vibrate higher emotionally. You’ll have more energy, more joy, and more ease and flow in your life! Plus, you’ll be in love with ALL aspects of who you are!

That is EXACTLY what the Live In A Body You Love 4-Day Retreat will do for you!

FEAR CONCERN: Many women think if they love their body now, it won’t change.

The opposite is true.

When you live in a body you love now, not only do you release the weight, but it’s easy! There are no cravings and you feel more joy and peace.

Yes! That IS Possible for You!

This is why I am hosting a 4-day live retreat called: Live In A Body You Love! 

SubBanner_LBYL_armsoutThis retreat is for someone ready to…

  • Experience something Radically Different and change how you feel about exercise, your body, and food!
  • Create a new emotional conditioning in your body so feeling frustrated and stuck stop show up over and over again! 
  • Get away from normal environment, start fresh, and Confidently Return to create a new life in a body you love!

I know there are so many programs to choose from and if I feel like the right trainer for you and you want to meet live and discover how to let go of feelings that don’t feel wonderful in your body, join me! 

Learn more by going to https://blossominnerwellness.com/retreat/

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