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No current coaching is available


Use the following number and code:
Phone Number: (1-712)-432-3022
Pin Code: 327860#

If for any reason you can get on the line, call: 831.600.8532

NOTE: During our first call there may or may not be glitches with sound so please be patient. We’ll figure it out and move on as quickly as possible. =)


To see members of your group and your coach during your live coaching call use your Google Hangouts:

Click Here

NOTE: You will need a web cam. Check your speakers to make sure they are on and if you cannot hear properly call in. When calling in AND using video conferencing, be sure to turn-off the speakers on your computer.

Facebook Community Page
Join your Facebook support page by friending me at: https://www.facebook.com/michellelmelendez and I will add you to our group.


If you get stuck, don’t wait until the next call! Get in touch with me right away by either email: [email protected] or text my cell: 408.250.5575.

Your Recordings and Agenda
Coaching Call Date Link
Week One Click Here
Week Two Click Here
Week Three Click Here
Week Four Click Here
Week Five Click Here
Week Six Click Here
Week Seven Click Here
Week Eight Click Here
Week Nine Click Here
Week Ten Click Here
Week Eleven Click Here
Week Twelve Click Here
Three Helpful Hints
Three Helpful Hints

1. Put a reminder alarm in your phone for your coaching calls or when you will listen to the recording.

2. Post during each week as often as you can to keep yourself motivated and on track and inspire your group. Posting will help you be 10x’s more successful with this program! You’ll post either below or on the Agenda and Recording pages.

3. Contact your coach Michelle with any questions or support as you need it. Email: [email protected] or use our “Contact Form“. Don’t wait unti your next call.

Your Bonuses
Bonus Call

November 27th, 2015

MP3 File
Get Thin This Time E-Book

Get Thin This Time
This is a 64 page guide book with inspiring information and practical tips that work!

In this Guide Book you will learn…

  • How your body has created an Addiction to the STRUGGLE of Being Overweight Weight
  • 5 Keys to Weight Release Success
  • Easy Success Journal to make Nutrition SIMPLE
  • A wonderful Unique way women around the world are creating better health and fitness in their lives and how YOU CAN TOO!
  • Powerful questions to ask yourself that TAKE BACK Your Confidence with food!
Click Here
Simple Steps To A Slimmer Tummy Video

Dr. Dorothy Ponton (Chiropractor and Nutritionist)

This video will teach you a Simple way to get your digestive system moving in the right direction so your body naturally Releases Belly Fat! If you struggle with belly fat, you’ll LOVE this video!

How to Lose the Last 10-20 Pounds and Double Your Energy Video

Rose Cole (Author and Nutrition Expert)

Discover a simple nutrition method that…

  • Doubles Your Energy
  • Releases Belly Fat
  • Clears Brain Fog and may clear skin disorders

It’s time to understand how things work from the inside out!


To your health,

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Michelle Melendez- Fitness Expert

PS Remember this is your program. Do it in a way that works best for you and let me know ASAP how I can better support you!


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