Belly Fat Freedom

This program has a Ton of info on belly fat and how to release it!

Get Ready To Discover:

  • What is belly fat and what to do about it?
  • What are two supplements you should ALWAYS take if you want a healthy gut?
  • What should married women NEVER do if they want less belly fat?
  • 12 yummy foods that help your body release belly fat naturally and keep you satisfied!
  • Tons more!

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What is belly fat
Week One



What is Belly Fat?Belly Fat

Two types of fat:

  • Subcutaneous fat is the kind you can grasp with your hand and is normally in the lower body region
  • Visceral fat is belly fat that sourrounds your abdominal organs and largely in the belly region

Dangers of visceral fat include: heart disease, metobolic issues, type 2 diabetes. For women their is a risk of breast cancer and gallbladder surgery.

What causes Belly Fat?

  • Heredity: Your genes have an affect on how many fat cells you develop and where they are stored
  • Hormones: After menopause the ration of estrogen decreases and the ration of androgen (male hormone) increases this has been link to increased belly fat
  • Cortisol (stress hormone) also can increase belly fat
  • Metabolism (body types can affect this)
  • Digestion
  • Insulin
Discover Your Measurements

BMI (Body Mass Index) (Click here) (Note: This number can be misleading if you have a lot of muscle mass.)

Waist-to-hip ration: Divide your waist measurement at its narrowest point by your hip measurement at its widest point. As a marker of a person’s abdominal fat, this measure outperforms BMI. For women, the risk for heart disease and stroke begins to rise at a ratio of about 0.8.

Waist circumference: The simplest way to check for abdominal fat is to measure your waist. Run a tape measure around your torso at about the level of your navel. (Official guidelines determine the level at which waist circumference is measured by locating a bony landmark: the top of the right hipbone, or right iliac crest, where it intersects a line dropped vertically from the middle of the right armpit.) Breathe minimally, and make sure not to pull the tape measure so tight that it depresses the skin. In women with a BMI of 25–34.9, a waist circumference greater than 35 inches is considered high risk, although research suggests there is some extra health risk at any size greater than 33 inches. A study in the September 2006 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that in women, a large waist was correlated with diabetes risk — even when BMI was in the normal range (18.5–24.9). Since abdominal fat can be a problem despite a normal BMI, health assessments should include both BMI and waist circumference. The relationship between waist circumference and health risk varies by ethnic group. For example, in Asian women, a waist circumference above 31.5 inches is considered a health risk.

*(Taken from Harvard Health Publications from Harvard Medical School)

How do you release belly fat?

  • Understand how your body creates and stores belly fat
  • Take natural organic supplements that will support your bodies natural ability to release belly fat (check with your doc if on meds)
  • Eat belly fat reducing foods
  • Use exercise to build muscle and burn fat
  • Discover what habits you do now that keep belly fat on your body and create new habits you enjoy that will easily release belly fat
  • Your digestion is a primary factor in reducing belly fat
  • 80% of your immune system’s health is due to healthy digestion
  • Toxins are stored as fat and mostly in belly fat. A healthy digestive system can help tremendously in releasing them.
  • Is your body ready and able to release belly fat? Are you eliminating solid waste 2+ times a day?

Two supplements that support your digestion:

System of Change:

Mirror Practice

MirrorSeeing the you that has struggled with belly fat staring back at you. Completely love and accept her. There is nothing wrong with her. She’s a part of you. Ask her what she needs to move over and let someone else drive the car for a while. Now see the you that is ready for change. The you that is hopeful and excited of the possibility of living in a body you love. Tell her today and for the rest of this week, you’re going to get to know her better and you’re giving her the drivers seat of your vehicle called your body.

<strong>How is belly fat stored?</strong>


  • Take your measurements
  • Evaluate your digestive system. (Are you eliminating solid waste only once a day or two times or more?)
  • Invest in probiotics (click here), digestive enzymes (click here) and/or Fibertox (click here)
  • Review the 13 Belly Fat habits (Download here)
  • Did you write out habits you believe you do that challenge your body to release belly fat? We’ll be creating new habits together around week 3 or 4. (Download here)
  • Did you clean out your kitchen of foods you believe cause belly fat? (Foods like sugar, white bread, pasta, rice, processed foods)

How is belly fat stored?Belly fat

    • Excess calories + Insulin + Cortisol = belly fat storage
    • Belly fat is stored when more clories than the body needs meets cortisol AND insulin together. This combination equals belly fat storage in a BIG way!
    • Insulin is essential in getting sugar out of the blood stream and into the cells where it can be used as fuel or stored as fat
  • Insulin is released when you eat starchy and sugary foods
  • Insulin shuts off any fat releasing hormones and can cause a dysfunctional metabolism if always released in excess
  • Insulin increases the storage of fat in fat cells and prevents the cells from releasing it for energy.(The sugar crash)
  • The liver and muscle cells have a limited capacity to store glucose (sugar). Once they’re full, they shut the door and it all gets sent to the fat cells.
  • Getting insulin levels under control will open the door to releasing belly fat and give you more energy
    • Cortisol is released with stress and lack of sleep
  • It relaxes your stomach and instestines so there is more blood flow for your muscles
  • Normal for cortisol levels to go up and down but if you are chronically stressed your cortisol level goes up — and stays there
  • The body resists weight loss with high levels or cortisol and it will even take fat from healthy areas of your body and store it on your belly because it has the most cortisol receptors in your abdominal area and it thinks it’s keeping you safe
  • If you are sleep deprived your body releases a hormone that makes you feel hungry when you are not
Belly Fat Formula

Starchy Food + Sugar + Fat + Sedentary or Easy Walk= Belly Fat
    • Your insulin is raised with starchy sugary foods which already starts the fat storing process. Adding fat to this combination is like a niagara falls of belly fat storage. There is NO stopping it!
  • This is why Sugar is the #1 belly fat causing food
  • The Belly Fat Formula is found in foods like doughnuts, French fries, pizza and burgers
  • Add stress and lack of sleep to this combination and your belly fat storage is multiplied
Flat Belly Formula: Good Protein + Fiber (veggies or other) + Good Fat + Sleep + Strength Training and Interval Training = Flat Belly

*Release Belly Fat the QUICKLY?

Detoxing and Juicing are two of the quickest ways to release inches!

Great Detox:

MediClear Plus Provides Liver Support*

MediClear-Plus(R)-web*MediClear Plus Click Here

MediClear Plus contains vitamins and minerals necessary for detoxification and liver support.* These nutrients are provided in the most absorbable, best utilized forms, such as calcium and magnesium citrate-malate, pyridoxal 5′-phosphate (active vitamin B6), folinic acid and L-5-MTHF (active forms of folate), methyl- and adenosylcobalamin (active forms of B12), and UltraChrome.

Providing essential nutrient cofactors, while supplying an adequate amount of low-allergenicity protein, can be very beneficial to liver function.* Health-care practitioners know that many challenges to health can arise when a patient’s liver is not functioning as it should, including poor digestion, imbalances in intestinal bacteria, and fatigue. MediClear includes beneficial detoxification nutrient cofactors,* as well as an array of extra nutrients and botanicals in powder form that can be added to water, or fruit or vegetable juice, resulting in a pleasant-tasting beverage.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Always check with your doctor before changing your diet or doing a detox when you are taking medications.

Full Detox protocol: click here

Drink lots of water when you detox!

Green vegetable juice on rustic wood tableJuicing with “Juicing For Fat Loss” is another really good detox system and very healthy for your body! Click here

This is the system the Belly Fat Freedom participants went through.

* Check with your doctor fist before detoxing. You take all the risk when trying suggested products.


System of Change:

Mirror Practice

MirrorSee the you who has been living a life in a body you don’t absolutely love. Fully love and accept her and realize that she just didn’t know the formula or have the support she need. Now see the you who has hope that the body you love is possible and let her know she’s going to be driving your car (body) this week. Get excited about the new things you’ll be eating.

What you should know about the Food Industry!


  • The food industry is out for profit not for your health
  • Watch video “Fed Up”
  • It’s not your fault! You’ve been uninformed and taken advantage of!
  • Fast food causes addictions to sugar, salt and temperature of the food

Pages to Review:
Review “Avoid” and “Sugar” pages in your “What to Eat” area


    • Re-Start your metabolism and cleanse your body
    • My favorite detox product is Thorne Medi-Clear Plus Click here
          • Juicing with “Juicing For Fat Loss” Click here
          • Those of you who got into the program early are receiving your Juicing For Fat Loss today
          • What juicer should you purchase?
          • Email: [email protected]
      • What to Take Away:

          • Your digestion is KEY
        • Take your probitoics and degestive enzymes FOREVER!
          • Formula that creates belly fat:
        • Excess calories + Insulin + Cortisol = belly fat storage
        • Starchy Food + Sugar + Fat + Sedentary or Easy Walk= Belly Fat
          • Formula for belly fat freedom:
        • Proper portion + Good Protein + Fiber (veggies or other) + Good Fat + Adequate Sleep + Strength Training and Interval Training = Flat Belly
        • Married women should NEVER eat the same portion as their hubby if they want to release weight.
          • Know the food industry is NOT on your side
          • Detox your way to a flat belly!
        • Remember pregnant man sydrom
          • Factors that contrubute to cellulite:
        • Poor diet (sugar and meat most acidic foods)
        • Fad dieting (breaks down skin elasticity)
        • Slow metabolism
        • Lack of physical activity
        • Hormone changes
        • Dehydration
        • Total body fat
        • Thickness and color of your skin
        • Child birth (breaks down skin elasticity)
          • Factors that reduce and eliminate cellulite:
        • Detox and skin brushing
        • Eating clean and proper portion size
        • Reducing carbonated drinks
        • Massages
        • Eating mineral dense foods like alfalfa
        • Clean lotions, soaps and water
        • Eat more Alkaline foods


        Did you know you are Emotionally ADDICTED to the struggle of being overweight?

        Emotional Addiction:

          • Thought = peptide = emotion = feeling = action = results

          • Peptides connect to EVERY cell of your body through receptor sites and change the vibration and DNA of that cell to match the peptide
          • All emotions are vibrations
        • Lowest vibration is Depression
        • You want to sleep
        • Highest vibration is Love
        • You feel like you are floating
          • Emotions inspire you toward action


        Eistein said: “You can’t solve a problem in the same mindset that created it.”
          • The mindset that created the problem is at a different vibration than the solution and you won’t feel the solution if you are vibrating at the problem
          • The more you feel a feeling the more receptor sites are created for that peptide
          • The more receptor sites you have for a peptide, the more your become addicted to that emotion
        • This is why it’s easier to feel some emotions than others

        How do you know you are addicted to the struggle of being overweight?

        • You think about your weight everyday
        • You don’t feel you can trust yourself around food
        • You’ve tried tons of diets and nothing lasts
        • You have fear that you’ll never release the weight permanently
        • You have felt embarrassed, ashamed or guilty about your weight time and time again
        • It’s been a battel you’ve had for more than one, two, or five years or most of your life
        • You’re VERY familiar with the feeling of trying to lose weight
        • You Self-Sabotage when you release weight