Don’t Want To Workout Alone?

Join A Be Fit With Love Buddy Online!

How to workout with your buddy:

Step One: Decide on the day and time you’re going to workout. (Time Zone Converter click here)

Step Two: Use this link to connect with each other

Step Three: Choose your Be Fit workout. (It doesn’t have to be the same workout.)

Step Four: Either start the workout at the same time or mute yourselves so the sound isn’t distracting.

Step Five (Optional): When you’re done acknowledge each other and check that you complete another exercise practice on your game page! Click Here 


NOTE: You might find some sisters already working out on this link. Introduce yourself and join them! =)

Need a workout buddy?

Ask any of your Be Fit sisters online if they want to join you click here! 

You don’t have to workout alone!

Feel free to invite a none Be Fit with Love member to join you! Then tell them it’s only $1 for the first 14-days! =)

Remember I teach you LIVE online workout on Tuesdays at 7am HST. Check your time zone click here

For Best Results Working Out Online:

  • Download Zoom when prompted from the link above or click here to download
  • To test your video and audio on any device before class click here
  • NOTE: Use Google Chrome for best results. 
  • The minimum mbps speed for steady video streaming is 1.5 and optimal speed is 2.5. To test your mbps speed click here. (It’s the smaller number)

Let me know if you have any questions. Email me at [email protected]

Your Be Fit Ally and Trainer,