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Your Motivational Exercise Game!

How to play:

  1. Select your goal color based on the number of exercise practices you want to have completed by your game end date (see below).
  2. To move you up the game, post each time you do an exercise practice by clicking “Add a New Practice Here”.
GameApp (Download Now!)

The game is available now on the Apple store under: Women Being Fit

After the game app is on you phone to synch it with your online member site, go to “Settings” (looks like a wrench on right hand side). There put in your username and password under “Change Your Name” click “Check” and “SAVE”. Now when you post you did a workout it will post on both your game app AND online member site. =)


(Reset Game)

This option will reset your game. Your current level will be reset and you will require to setup your goal again.

Are you sure that you want to reset your game?
(This action cannot be undone)

Select Your Goal

Select your goal

Add A New Exercise Practice Here
Select your goal to activate this feature

Your Game Starts at the Bottom and You Work Your Way UP!
Your GoalLevelsYour Progress
Gold GloryGold Glory
25th Exercise Practice
24th Exercise Practice
23rd Exercise Practice
22nd Exercise Practice
21st Exercise Practice
Red RadiantRed Radiance
20th Exercise Practice
19th Exercise Practice
18th Exercise Practice
17th Exercise Practice
16th Exercise Practice
Blue ConfidenceBlue Brilliant
15th Exercise Practice
14th Exercise Practice
13th Exercise Practice
12th Exercise Practice
11th Exercise Practice
Purple Power
Purple Power
10th Exercise Practice
Michelle, 9th Exercise Practice
8th Exercise Practice
7th Exercise Practice
6th Exercise Practice
Green BeginnersGreen Beginner
5th Exercise Practice
Michelle, 4th Exercise Practice
3rd Exercise Practice
2nd Exercise Practice
1st Exercise Practice Michelle,

Your Game Starts Here and You’ll Work Your Way Up!
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13 thoughts on “Game

  1. Kayleen Evans says:

    I barely reached my goal yesterday because I counted the weeding, moving around of rocks and dirt in my garden as exercise! I can really feel it in my muscles today!

  2. Kayleen Evans says:

    My goal is a bit low this time because I have so much going on in my life that I have not been doing what I usually do. I am hoping to get better in order to balance the incredible stress going on right now. I am actually (finally) going to write down my planned exercise on my paper calendar!

    • Michelle says:

      Sometimes you need to let go offline and be present in your life. That’s a good thing. =) Set your exercise game goal and let’s play together and get you fit! Oh Yeah!

      • Melissa Wiedmann says:

        Hi Michelle, I’m traveling, which means my laptop has been unplugged most of this month 🙂 Settled for the next 3 weeks, tho, so picking up here in the middle of the month, although I’ve been loving the 10-minute workouts here and there throughout the days of travel, along with lots of walking (Brooklyn! The beach!) so far this month. Do you have a mobile game app? That would be a better way for me to track while traveling. Thanks! Hope you’re well! xo

        • Michelle says:

          Yes, please email Manuel at [email protected] and give him your apple email and he’ll send you an email invite to play the game.

          We are currently getting it into the Apple store so for now, he needs to send you an invite.


    • Michelle says:

      Hi Melissa, Scotland is in the stopwatch icon in your exercise library. There are only 2-workouts from there. I was only there a for a short time. =)

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