“Have You Ever Wondered How Some People Stay Motivated to Exercise When You Struggle Fitting It Into Your Life At All?

You’re not alone. This is probably the #1 question I get asked after, “how do I lose weight and keep it off?”
Exercise can be boring. It takes time and with your busy schedule where can you fit it in?
I’ve created a short video after my own workout to give you three very easy tips on how to stay motivated to exercise.
5 minute video created after my own workout!

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Three easy tips on staying motivated to exercise:
#1: You “Get” To Exercise
It’s not that you “Have to” exercise. It’s that you “Get to” exercise.
When you “have to” do something it can be really grueling. For instance you “have to” do the dishes. You “have to” do laundry. You “have to” take out the garbage. 
“Have to” do something usually means it’s not something you really want to do. You’re not going to enjoy it and you’d do something else if you could. 
That type of thinking will keep unmotivated to exercise for sure! 
Start to think that you “get to” exercise because you’re going to feel so much better afterward and your body is going to start looking really good and this is so AWESOME! =) 
Give it a try! Watch the video above to go deeper into this tip!
#2: The Night Before Get Excited! 
The night before your workout think about why you are working out and get excited! For instance is there a trip coming up and you want to wear a little black dress. Your goal is to look your best and tomorrows workout is going to get you one step closer to that and how good will that feel?
That is the key!
Feel good about your workout. Get excited for what it’s going to do for your body and your self-esteem the night before. 
It is really vital to get excited the night before. That energy will pull you toward starting and completing your workout and it will feel like there is no way you would skip it. Supper cool! 
#3:The Before Routine
This tip is almost obvious and so many people don’t put it into practice. Know EXACTLY the routine you do in your day that you will do you workout before. In other words will you do your workout before you shower, or before you get on your computer? 
On the days I don’t teach I do my workout before I get on the computer because I know once I get on the computer, if i haven’t done my workout, my workout is doomed. 
Decide before what daily routine you will do your workout and  don’t do that daily routine until your workout is completed. 
There was one day where I was procrastinating. I knew I couldn’t get on the computer until I did my workout so I was washing dishes, cleaning up, doing laundry. I totally was putting off my workout and I knew I couldn’t get on the computer until I did. 
Then, I thought to myself…wait, I want to do this workout because I really want to see better definition in my arms and it will feel so good to be in my strapless dress with nice toned arms (tip 2). I immediately did my workout and felt great!
This is a  change of thought and it’s going to take practice. 
With Love,


Michelle Melendez
Founder/ Fitness Expert
P.S. What you are seeking is seeking you! I truly believe that when you are ready for change something shows up that lead the way.


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