Tone Your Body Practice:

nice-butterfly-hd-best-wallpaper-beautiful-wallpapers-of-butterflies-1553006864You’ve made it to another exercise practice! Great Job! 

 You will feel Amazing physically and emotionally after this exercise practice! 

This workout is taken from my Get Fit online workout program! Oh Yeah! 

I’ve created cardio workouts that you can download to your iPhone or iPad and be guided through your exercise practice as you walk, bike, jog, roller skate or whatever you’d like! 

This practice is called:

Creating More Ease and Flow

Click here to Download

Lift Your Mood:

Nature GratitudeYesterday I told you to have a play day for your inner child.

Today I invite you to get in nature for 2-minutes and notice it.

Become aware of the birds singing and flying. The humming of a bee. The quick pace of a squirrel up a tree.

Give yourself permission to slow down, notice and breathe in nature.

If you can, take off your shoes and put our feet on the grass. Walk around a bit and let the earth’s energy travel up your feet and into your body. You’ll feel your mood lift and your energy rise. Oh Yeah!

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