Burn Your Fat, Free Your Heart

Guided Cardio Practices Below

IMPORTANT: If you haven’t worked out in a long time, do not do the intervals in these workouts. Go for a steady walk and ONLY when you’re ready do the intervals. It’s important not to start off too fast too soon!


  • Choose a practice below
  • Download a practice that speaks to your heart or open it on your iPhone
  • Listen to it as you do your ANY cardio workout!

“Creating More Ease and Flow”
(21-minute Practice)
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“I Matter”
(22-minute Practice)
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“I Am Always Taken Care Of!”
(21-minute practice)
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“I’m on Purpose”
(25-minute practice)
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“Trust Yourself and Build Your Confidence”
(24-minute practice)
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Don't Forget!
After you’ve completed your practice let us know how you enjoyed it below.
Please check with your doctor before starting this workout program. You take FULL Responsibility for doing these exercise practices and release Michelle Melendez and Women Being Fit of any and ALL liability including any injury or death.

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