Awaken Life Style Week 4

Love Yourself Awake


  • Review Awaken and Transform Actions and Learnings and update as needed click here
  • Review Lifestyle Happiness Scale:
  • Review archetypes and Shadow
  • Power of changing your routine
  • The Gravity of Love

Power of Changing Your Routine:

When you shock your routine in the smallest way you change your programmed behavior and you can create something you’be never experienced before… freedom from the norm.

Ways to change your routine:

  • Wash your body or brush your teeth in the opposite way you normally do
  • Drive a different way to work even if all you do is go around the block before you get there.
  •  Dress up or wear your hair differently to work
  •  Think different thoughts about your coworkers than you normally do
  • Ask a coworker or friend a question you’ve never asked them before
  • Start your daily routine at work with a gratitude meditation seeing yourself at the end of the day having one of the best days ever had.
  •  Before you eat think of ways the food you’re choosing is going to nourish your body and give thanks
  •  Eat in a way you never have. For example:  have a drink of water after every bite, Chew your food 25 times before you swallow, if you normally eat one item at a time take a bite of each item instead

Start to see your life from a new perspective by changing your routines and see what magic shows up for you.

Awaken to the Gravity of Love

Love has gravity. You can feel it. It’s what draws you to whatever it is you love.

You can love food in a healthy way or unhealthy way.

The unhealthy way of loving food is when it seems to have power over you.

Food actually does not have power but it does create a dopamine effect in the brain causing food addiction and out of control eating. This dopamine effect needs more and more of that particular food in order for you to feel the effects. When you love food in this way you could stay forever struggling with your weight.

The healthy way to love food is to feel good about yourself when you eat it and after you eat it. You know that it nourishes your body in a positive way and it does not leave a dopamine or addictive feeling in your body but instead a feeling of good health and energy.

You can love movement or exercise practices or think they are a hassle and you don’t have time.

Instead of thinking that you should exercise, think of how you feel after you exercise and let the love of that pull you to do some type of movement.

What are some things you notice in your body after you exercise?

For me I notice the following:


  • Happier
  • Ease
  • Relief
  • More Energy


Close your eyes and think of a time you ate a really healthy meal and exercised that day and felt really good about yourself.

See yourself having done this for the past year.

Feel love for your body and for that food that has nourished it and movement that has strengthened it.

Now see one thing that your body allows you to do in your life that you love. It can be playing with your grandkids. Taking hikes with your family. Making love to your husband.

Feel the energy of love doing this activity. It has happened because of the good food you’ve eaten and regular movement you’ve done.

See this experience of love that you’re having grow brighter in color. See the vivid vivid colors. Now see the experience in slow motion. Now speed it up. See it in black-and-white. Hear it like a whisper. Then really loud. Now, back to normal.

Practices For This Week:

  • Make a conscious effort to change up your routines often and start seeing your life from new perspectives. Change your daily routine, the conversations you have, how you think about others. Do something different every day.
  • Let the Gravity of doing activities you love with people you love pull you toward the food you eat and movement you do.

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