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Pay What You Can To Own These Interviews Or Dive Deeper And Get Bonus Material FOR ONLY $54

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Your Dive Deeper Bonuses Include:

14-Special Bonuses and Extra Insights from Your Speakers!
You will get…

  • The End Dieting Hell Class to learn #1 reason you’ve struggled with weight and self-esteem and what to do about it!
  • HighSpeed Healing™ 3-part video series for A Chronic Pain Breakthroughs!
  • “Love Notes to Myself” to create more self-confidence!
  • And more!

$500 Value

$500 Value
The ENTIRE Conscious Creation Program
This Life Changing 12-Video Class helps you…

  • Dissolve ANY fear or problem in minutes!
  • Understand the power of your mind unlike anything being taught today!
  • Feel empowered as you realize who and what you are!
  • And more!

$800 Value

NOTE: Michelle paid for this program and it has taken her teachings to a new level! This program is a MUST have!

$800 Value
7-Universal Laws To Cultivate Self-Love, Safety and Peace
You will learn…

  • Discover the science behind how we are all ONE and start feeling safe in your body and in your life!
  • Learn why you need negative situations in your life and how they move you forward!
  • Understand how the energy centers work in your body and how you can cultivate them to live heaven on earth!

Get ready to discover how to release the weight and find peace in your body!

$495 Value

$495 Value
Tone Your Body Creating Self-Love & Confidence (online workouts)
In this program you will…

  • Tone and firm your most challenging areas (butt, arms and thighs)!
  • Strengthen your core (Abs and back)!
  • Increase your flexibility and balance!
  • Listen to positive affirmations that help you create more self-love and confidence!
  • And more…

$47 Value

I know things can seem very scary right now! Take 20-minutes out of your day to feel better about yourself as you release stress and bring light and energy back into your body!

$47 Value
3-Pack Meditation Practices To Feel Safe In The World NOW!
Meditating is crucial at this time!

Theses meditations will help you…

  • Get out of your head and feel safe
  • Release stress and fear
  • Trust there is a higher purpose for this pandemic
  • Give you strength, courage and peace
  • Empower your intuition so you know what to do NOW!

Your 3-pack meditation practices include:

“Feeling Safe”

“I Am Secure”

“Release Stress and Find Peace”

$45 Value

NOTE: All meditations were recorded on the Big Island of Hawaii. Listen closely and you just may hear the birds singing.
Much Aloha sent your way!
$45 Value


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Own ALL Interviews
Bonus Video: 3 simple steps to transforming fearful thoughts.
Bonus Video: From stress to confidence – clarity about results you are getting, present with people, more compassion for self and others
Bonus Video: Leverage Your Empathy and Sensitivity to Release Pain with Ease
Bonus Video: How To Win The Money Game
Bonus Video: 5 Simple Shifts Clients Make to End Emotional Eating, Feel in Control and Finally Fit into Their Skinny Jeans (Without Dieting!)
Bonus Video: How Losing Your Mind Can Help You Lose the Weight
Bonus Video: The Simple Formula to Lose Weight in 30 Days without Giving Up Carbs (even if you’ve been struggling)
Bonus Video: A Powerful And Simple Technique to Shift You Out Of Lack & Fear And Into Love & Gratitude In 3 Minutes or Less!
Bonus Video: Create a personal Love Note to Myself
Bonus Video: HighSpeed Healing™ for A Chronic Pain Breakthrough
Bonus EBook: Naturally Thin Secrets: How to Stay Thin Effortlessly!
Bonus Video: 3 Secrets to End Your Weight Loss Resistance
Bonus Video: The Role of Exercise in Balance Hormone
Special Bonus: The ENTIRE Conscious Creation Program ($800 value)
Special Bonus: 7-Universal Laws To Cultivate Self-Love, Safety and Peace
Special Bonus: Tone Your Body an Create More Self-Love & Confidence ($47 value)
Special Bonus: 3-Pack Meditation Practices To Feel Safe In The World NOW!!
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10% Goes to The Children's Defense Fund!

The Children’s Defense Fund Leave No Child Behind® mission is to ensure every child a Healthy Start, a Head Start, a Fair Start, a Safe Start and a Moral Start in life and successful passage to adulthood with the help of caring families and communities.


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woman jumping between two rocksThis is a time a change and uncertainty. When you invest in yourself, it’s easier to find your footing. Covid has made us all stop and re-evaluate our lives.

Are you…

  • Happy in your relationship?
  • Loving your career?
  • As healthy as you can be?
  • Living a balanced life?

If not, NOW is the time to change and educating yourself! Getting tips and insights from experts who’ve supported thousands around the world is the way to do it!

Sending you much Aloha from the Big Island!

Your Host and Ally,

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