Wellness With Rose Cookbook  
“GREATA Cookbook!”
By Rose Cole  
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Fun Workout Music
Headphones blaring musical notes

Michelle’s favorite is “Dance Cardio”.

You’ll need to sign up for a Pandora account which is REALLY quick and easy. Then listen to your workout music anywhere!

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Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

This CD is a MUST have! It will train your spirit and your mind to move toward what you want as you do your cardio and interval workouts! If this is the ONLY CD you ever purchase for the rest of your life, your spirit will thank you!

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Facing Fear

I’m adding this video of a really good friend of mine because it’s BRILLIANT! Do you have fear that you’ll never release the weight, find peace, feel good about your body? Watch this video and find relief!

This video is not about weight. It’s about facing your fear and will leave you feeling REALLY Good!

Know Your Nutrition Type

Find out your nutrition typing and the best foods to eat for your body for FREE! This is a MUST if you struggle with food cravings.

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