New Year’s Summit 2018 Presenter Form

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MAILING AGREEMENT: This is a cross-promotional event for all 21 speakers to help spread the word and get the most exposure. A minimum of two emails are to be sent: one solo promotional email between January 1st- 12th must be sent out and one the day before your interview, which can be combined with other information you send to your list. What is the date you will send out your solo email between January 1st-12th:
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SPEAKER AGREEMENT: I hereby grant Women Getting Fit and Michelle Melendez the right to use photos, video or audio recorded from my interview. I waive any rights of ownership or copyright to the material in which I appear and acknowledge that no financial compensation is provided. I understand that I will be sent a copy of my Interview and can use it anyway I’d like. By committing to speak on the Women Getting Fit New Year’s Summit, it is implicitly implied that you agree to these terms. Yes, I agree