Your End Dieting Hell Class!

Get ready to…

  • Discover your emotional addictions that keeps you struggling with weight!
  • Learn how your body pulls you toward actions that sabotage your goals!
  • Why you have negative and positive thoughts!
  • Start your live in a body you love vision!

Download Your Live In A Body You Love Creation Book (Part One):

Your creation book will…

  • Give you a self-assessment that tells you how close you are to living in a body you love!
  • Teach you what emotional addictions are keeping you overweight!
  • Break-down your top three-actions that sabotage your weight loss goals!
  • Outline how your life will look when you’re living in a body you love!
  • And more! 

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Thank you for saying, “Yes” to discovering a new way to look at your weight loss journey.

You’ll be so glad you did!

Your Live in a Body You Love Guide and Ally,

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Michelle Melendez
Fitness Expert since 1996

Live in a Body You Love Specialist and author of the Award Winning book, End Dieting Hell! How to find peace in your body and release the weight

P.S. I believe the women who find me are ready for this information. It’s not a mistake you’re here. Something inside knows you’re ready for a new way to understand your journey with weight. It’s time!

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