“Are You Looking For A Fitness Program

That Keeps You Inspired To Workout,

Accountable With a Fitness Trainer,

And Creates A Health Community You LOVE

Being Apart of?

You found it!!!

Do you…

  • STRUGGLE with exercising on your own?
  • Feel you are TOO BUSY to workout?
  • Want accountability with a trainer who can support you and give you advise?
  • Want to create a fitness program that EASILY Fits with your lifestyle?

You’ll be soooo glad you’ve found this site!

Hi There,

If you want to belong to a group of women where your health and fitness matter, you’re in the right place!

Does this sound like you…

You want to feel attractive, good about yourself, have more energy, and have your clothes fit you to a T. But you really don’t love to workout, you’re busy and you’re tired of trying to get fit on your own. No kidding! That is NOT FUN AT ALL!

You might be feeling stuck or frustrated that it’s been years since you’ve felt good in your body. Maybe you’re still trying to lose the “baby fat” and your “baby” is in their 30’s.

Wouldn’t it be easier if you had a fitness trainer to keep you accountable and a fitness community that keeps you motivated to do your workouts?


“I make fitness fun so you actually look forward to your workouts and making time for them is EASY!”

My passion is teaching women like you how to…

  • Train for your body type so you EASILY get the results you want
  • Discover FUN ways to fit exercise into your life no matter what your schedule
  • Build community so you have friends who see you as a fit and thin woman and hold you to it
  • Make living in your body more Enjoyable
  • Create a fitness program where your fat clothes are a thing of the past

Let’s get fit together so the true beauty of who you are is reflected on the outside as much as it is on the inside!

Here are the 3 Essential Stages you need to create a fitness program that works for you..

Stage 1: Prepare for Fitness Success

  1. Prepare your home by going through it and taking out everything that wouldn’t be in the home of someone who has the fitness you desire.
  2. Prepare your body by doing workouts that are best for your fitness level.
  3. Prepare your routine by knowing what you will do before your workouts and after your workouts.

Stage 2: Be Accountable

  1. Create an accountability system that keeps you motivated to stay on track with your workouts
  2. Your accountability partner should be someone who has a successful fitness program they love so they can mentor you properly
  3. You should meet at the same time each week with your partner so both get to know each other and how best to support each other

Stage 3: Build Community

  1. Create a community where you are being seen, heard and known as a healthy fit woman so you can easily make this your reality
  2. Your community should be fun, personable, inspiring and educational where you each are support each other and share in each others successes
  3. Your community should be a group of women going through the same thing you are where there are women who inspire you and women you inspire

How Your Program Works…

  • Weekly time with a Your Personal Fitness Trainer each week to keep you accountable
  • Unlimited email access to your trainer
  • Online Forums that build community, support and inspiration
  • Online Workouts You Can Do Anywhere that transform your body, mind and spirit
  • An Accountability Buddy to help you both stay on track
  • Weekly challenges to keep you Motivated and Excited to Workout and eat right
  • Monthly V.I.P tele-calls with a fitness expert to learn valuable insights about your health and fitness you won’t learn anywhere else


This program specializes in keeping you accountable! Are you ready to create a fitness program that works for you?

“What If I Get Off Track and Stop Checking In With Your Trainer?”

Your trainer will contact you and to see how they can support you to get back on track. The #1 goal of this program is ACCOUNTABILITY!

You will have times where you get off track. Everyone does!

My accountability system is designed to easily get you back on track and quickly and seamlessly as if your hump in the road doesn’t distract from your goals.

Are you ready to supported like that?

“What If I Don’t Have Time For This Program?”

This program is designed around your lifestyle. Believe me, I know you are busy and I also know you want her clothes to fit. You want to feel attractive in your body and you probably also want more energy.

There is ALWAYS something you can do even if it’s only 10 minutes. I’ll teach you how to make 10 minutes work the more effectively than 20 minutes so you get the results you want!

“It’s Time To Say “YES” To Fitness And Have The Support You Need To Make It Happen!”

Are you ready for that?

“I Should Be Able To Do This On My Own…Right?”

If that were true, you wouldn’t be reading this. Also, if you haven’t watched my FREE video presentation on your addiction to a body you don’t love, you may want to watch it.

You are comfortable with not working out. The way you are living your life, even though it’s not giving you what you want, it is working for you.

Can you do this on your own? Maybe. The real question is…do you want to? Are you inspired by yourself? Will you do the workouts that are best for your body type on your own?

The Women Getting Fit Accountability Program has one goal…to keep you accountable and on track with your workouts so you do them!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Peace of Mind Guarantee

I love having new clients try their program first a huge discount. This way you get to meet your trainer, get used to the program and start feeling good in your  body before you commit.

This program is also month to month and you can cancel anytime!


SPECIAL BONUS #1 (Value $24.97)

My “Get Thin This Time Guide Book”

This guide books teaches you…

  • How your body has created an addiction to your weight and what you can do to release it
  • 5 Keys to weight release success to create a fitness program that lasts
  • Easy Success Journal to make nutrition simple
  • A wonderful, powerful way women around the world are creating better health and fitness in their lives and how you can too



Six Special Audios:

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Most Women Make When Starting an Exercise Program

(Listen to this recording NOW!)

MP3 File



Michelle Melendez-
Fitness Expert
Simple Strategies to Flatten Your Belly and Sharpen Your Mind


Dr. Ritamaire Loscalzo-
Nutrition Expert
Rewrite Your Food Story From A Place Of Authenticity And Passion


Jeniffer Brewer-
Expert Chef
How to Lose the Last 10-20 Pounds and Double Your Energy


Rose Cole
Author and Nutrition Expert

The Millionaire Diet: The Energy and Balance You Need to Eat, Look and Think Rich!


Roberta Mittman
Weight Release Expert

The 5 Feminine Strategies for Weight Loss EVERY Woman Should Know


Jena La Flamme
Weight Release Expert

  • Once a week accountability session with your trainer
  • Unlimited email access
  • Private group forum (max 20 people)
  • Initial 15 minute consultation with your trainer

$9 Trial two weeks
$49 a month ($12.25 a session)


  • Twice a week accountability sessions with your trainer
  • Unlimited email access
  • Private group forum (max 15 people)
  • Initial 20 minute consultation with your trainer

$19 Trial two weeks
$67 a month ($8.37 a session)


  • Three times a week accountability sessions with your trainer
  • Unlimited email access
  • Private group forum (max 12 people)
  • Initial 45 minute consultation with your trainer

$29 Trial two weeks
$84 a month ($7 a session)


Do you want private accountability sessions?