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community of woman living in the body they love

If you’re here, it’s because you’ve completed the live in a body you love 90-day journey. Congratulations!

Now what?

Your Live in a Body You Love program taught you…

  • That you have emotional addicted/conditioned patterns that keep you in you a body you don’t love.
  • These emotional addictions come from trauma.
  • These patterns feel normal. They feel like that is just who you are. (It’s not.)
  • Your body has unconscious habits that can keep you stuck.
  • When you can see the patterns for what they are and notice the emotional energy (frequency) it creates wisdom and you can create something new for yourself and you life.

Whether You’ve Just Completed The Program or It’s Been A While, You Are Welcomed To Join This Support Group!

I’ve created this monthly plan to help you stay on track living in a body you love, and help you find peace and balance in this crazy time.

If you’re interested in getting continued support with your body and would enjoy being supported in a community of like minded women…

Here’s what your support plan looks like:

Support Method #1: Once A Month Online LIVE Support!
Michelle Melendez
Michelle Melendez: Guide & Ally

Join me online live with your sisters to do the following:

  • Set up your monthly live in a body you love plan so you stay on track!
  • Set up your exercise goals for the month and make it a game with the Be Fit online workout program!
  • Record a 6-10 minute personalized Meditation to use and keep for your personal library!

I’ll answer personal questions and we’ll do an emotional expansion exercise together.

Plus, we’ll create a personal plan for your month to keep you on track.

(Every first Tuesday of the month at 6pm PST)

Your Emotional Addictions Have Been With You Most Of Your Life!

Continue The Journey and Stay Supported!

Support Method #2: Unlimited Online Support!

Group of happy woman

You have access to Michelle and your Live in a Body You Love sisters any time and day you need it. You’l have full access to your online forum to share successes/challenges and get support from Michelle & your sisters anytime you need it!

Michelle checks the forum most days of the week so if you’re stuck, check in and get the support you need!

“It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you.”



Join Michelle Once A Month For An Online LIVE Meal Together!

Learn How To Trust Yourself Around Food!


Support Method #3: Virtual meal with Michelle and your sisters

Discover a new way to feel about yourself and food!

Each month you’ll:

  • Learn how to eat as a woman who lives in a  body she loves!
  • Emotionally integrate your trauma related to food!
  • Have unlimited access to the What to Eat Library with recipes and tips!
  • Explore how to appreciate yourself even more!

Michelle will show you how she learned to love cooking and eat healthier foods.

It’s easier than you think!

Always feel safe with your meals! 

(3rd Tuesday of the month 6pm PST)

You’re Not Alone!

Be Accountable and Do Fun Workouts That Leave You Feeling GREAT In Your Body!


Support Method #4: Be Fit Online Workout Program + Live Classes
Michelle Melendez exercising to get fit

Unlimited Access to my Be Fit Online Workout Program To…

Tone Your Body And Lift Your Mood!

You will…

  • Access 10-20min. toning workouts with affirmations to lift your mood!
  • Burn Your Fat and Free Your Heart with 20-min cardio practices!
  • Be invited to join me for live online classes!
  • Win monthly PRIZES just for working out!
  • Play a Fun exercise game to help you stay on track!

This program gives you fun and quick workouts you can do anytime, anywhere!

Stay Fit!

If you’ve gone through the End Dieting Hell program and would like to stay accountable, join Michelle and your sisters and be part of a support plan where you are family! You are not alone on your journey!

Continue Your Journey Toward Peace Living In A Body You LOVE!

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You’re journey doesn’t have to end! Go deeper and stay in community… continue your journey with me!

Your End Dieting Hell Guide and Ally,

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Michelle Melendez
Fitness Expert since 1996

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