Covid Healing Support

[NOTE: This is not intended to diagnose or cure any illness. This is for entertainment and education only. Use your discernment.

Below find information on health and detox supplements:

1. C60 Carbon 60 – VERY IMPORTANT!!
(5ml – to capsule in Graphene Oxide + prevent moving into BRAIN)!! (Learn more here:
2. Deep DETOXING with the following:
o Folium PX – heavy metal detox (online)
o ZEOLITE (online / Health Food store. Do not use more than 2-weeks))
o NAC 750mg (online / Health Food store has only 600mg)
o ZINC (online / Health Food Store)
o Black Brew or Activated Charcoal click here (Do this every day to detox regularly)

Possible Healing Support for “Covid 19”: 

Immune Boosting Support: 

These are the things I use.

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