Awaken Lifestyle Session 6

Your Weight Loss Journey Soul Contract

What is a soul contract?

Before you were born your higher-self or soul, decided upon life challenges you would need to overcome in this life in order for you to reconnect with who you truly are and move to your next spiritual evolution. One of those challenges was to live in a body you love.

Your soul set-up a life plan it wanted to expand through and it gave you talents that are learned throughout your life to help you reach your goals. However, your personality now has the reins and can choose what direction you want to go.

If you take on the challenges and move through them, learning the lessons, you’ll be expanding your spirit and moving toward a more fulfilling life. If you don’t, you could repeat patterns in your life over and over again.

In our very first session, I told you that you have a light body. In Nicolas David Ngan’s book, “Your Soul Contract Decoded” he says that you are densified light that spirit has lowered its vibration enough to become matter-based physical form.

Your personality is what was created through your past childhood experiences and your intuition is how your higher-self talks to you. Have you noticed that when you listen and follow it, you feel lighter and when you don’t you feel heavier?

How you create reality

The energy of your birth name is stored in your physical body within a substance called the Karmic matrix. This is how things start happening to you in life.

From your body comes your karmic matrix which vibrates into your earthly reality. The space in space or the “Field” as it is now known, takes in your frequency and brings back to you a match of what you are putting out.

Your job is to notice the patterns that keep you from living a happy, fulfilling life and decide to send out a new frequency through your thoughts and behaviors.

The Law Of Opposites 

When you start vibrating at a new frequency you may notice that you get the exact opposite of what you want. This is the law of opposites. It is put in place to have you hone your desire even more.

When you start to get something you don’t want, NEVER give-up because you are REALLY close to manifesting what you want.

Your Gifts and Talents

Within your karmic matrix are your gifts and talents that only you can bring into the world. When you can face what you don’t like about yourself and allow yourself to feel what you are probably wanting to ignore, you’ll be able to move through it and your gifts and talents will be able to manifest.

First feel the negative emotion of an event. The deeper you allow yourself to feel it the more healing you can bring to it and transform it into something positive. The more you work on your ability to feel, surrender into the experience and trust your higher-self set this up for an emotional transformation that will lead you to greater happiness, the easier your life will be.


It is vital that you accept ALL things in your life as they are.

Here is your bi-monthly practice:

  • Notice any feelings that come up during your day especially if they are re-occurring
  • When appropriate give yourself permission to fully feel your negative emotions (this will take practice)
  • Let go of any and all judgments about people, yourself or circumstances
  • Trust that you are in the right place and your soul has purposed for your journey
  • Explore what your gifts are out of any challenging situation

Tip: Dr. Bruce Lipton in his book, The Biology of Belief, tells us that your thoughts, speech, and environment affect your DNA and signal your cells to move toward health or disease.

Live In A Body You Love Food Boundary 

To live in a body you love you must know the foods that trigger your emotional and physical vibration that keep you in a body you don’t love and create an unbreakable boundary.

When you do this living in a body you love will easily show-up. If you don’t do this, you will live in both worlds and never be satisfied with your weight loss journey.

You can do this!