Abundance Pillar 7

Creating Wealth By Remembering Who You Are

Abundance Document:


  • Thoughts are not real
  • Unraveling negative beliefs practice
  • You are not a mistake
  • Working miracles (Matisse’s paper cut-outs due to his arthritis story)

Thoughts Are Not Real

How do you know your thoughts are not real?

Here are ways you know your thoughts are not real:

  • Your thoughts are not tangible.
  • No one knows what you’re thinking but you.
  • Your thoughts can be changed in a split second.
  • You can talk yourself out of the reality of your thoughts

Your thoughts are not real but they do create your reality.

The frequency and chemicals of your thoughts create feelings in your body which influence your choices and bring people and circumstances to you.

If you believe you don’t deserve money, you will give it away, not accept it when it comes and worry about it.

If you believe the truth that you are made of Source and deserve as much wealth as anyone, you will be inspired to ventures that create wealth and you’ll gladly accept it when it shows up in ways you expect and ways you don’t.

Your beliefs and feelings are held in the tissue of your body.

Here is my unraveling negative beliefs practice:

  • Think of a negative money belief
  • Notice where in your body you feel that belief
  • Keep it in your mind as you take a deep breath and hold it
  • Move your hands in front of you as fast as you can like you’re drawing a picture
  • When you can no longer hold your breath, place one hand on top of the other on the body part that holds that emotion and press firm but not painfully, down on the tissue
  • Tell your body it’s time to release this emotion. I command that this emotion be released from my body and the knowingness that I come from an abundance Source and there is more than enough for everyone on the planet to live in ease and comfort including me.
  • Think of yourself having no bills and living in security, ease, and comfort
  • When you feel that in your body, stretch your fingers out and start to slowly pull your hands apart but be sure to keep them firm on your body part.
  • When your hands are no longer touching, wipe the energy down your legs and into mother Earth
  • Lastly, start from the top of your head and wipe the energy all the way down to the earth as you tell your body that you command this belief that is not real, be lifted and released from your body and replaced with love, acceptance and the knowing that you and all people on the planet can live in security, ease, and comfort.

Do this practice anytime you feel a negative belief. It’s time to remember that you are Source and can create and deserve miracles.

Your thoughts and feelings bring you abundance or push it away.

It’s up to you to make a choice and release your emotional addiction to feeling negative about being abundant.

You Are Not A Mistake!

It’s not a mistake you are EXACTLY the way you are!

It’s not a mistake you…

  • Like what you like
  • Have the parent you had
  • Have the personality you have
  • Have the friends
  • Job
  • Passions
  • Hobbies
  • Talents
  • Etc.

You are EXACTLY who Source/God wanted to experience life as.

Source has given the world a gift and that gift is YOU as your complete authentic self!

Your job is to FULLY accept and understand that YOU are a gift to the world and your essence is love. Everything you feel that is not love like, worry, stress, overwhelm is an illusion of your mind and thoughts.

Abundance created righteously doesn’t come from other people. It comes through them from Source. (1)

When you relax and trust that you are always taken care of and that if a door closes, Source will open a door you don’t even know exists but ONLY if your heart is open to receiving the abundance of the Universe.

The Cinderella story is a GREAT example of who you are!

Cinderella Story Characters(1):

  • Your Soul is Cinderella
  • The Ego is the evil step-mother
  • Spirit is the fairy God-mother

“Whatever already exists is the platform of what could be.”

-Marianne Williamson

Cinderella was a servant with an open and loving heart so miracles came to her.

Your Greatest Power Is The Purity Of Your Heart!

3 Spiritual Steps in the Metaphysical Transformation Of Lack Into Abundance (1):

  1. Be Grateful for what you have
  2. Clean-up any energy that doesn’t feel good in your relationships with others, including yourself
  3. Allow yourself to want what you really want


Being grateful for what you have and wanting what you have will bring more to you. If you think you live in a crappy home and have crappy things, more crappy things will show up.

It’s time to recognize how abundant you already are.

Clean-Up Abundance Energy:

It’s time to take FULL responsibility for any money issues and forgive where needed.

Do this practice: Cleaning Up Abundance Energy

Permission to Want:

It’s not a mistake you like what you like. You have passions for a reason. When your foundation is love and you are doing and feeling your passion magic can happen to and for you.

Keep your life simple in a foundation of love for yourself and others and abundance will show-up.

Wanting Money Is Not Greedy!

When you breathe air do you think there will not be enough air for your neighbor?

Reading a book doesn’t make that books insight or story less available to another.

Walking on the beach doesn’t make less sand for another to walk on it.

Wanting money doesn’t make you greedy unless you think that having it is taking from another rather than creating with another.

If you think wanting money is greedy, will keep it from you or you’ll feel guilty about having it.

Instead, remember that all abundance comes from Source and there is enough abundance for everyone. You realize that money is always circulating and it will come in and go out like the tides and you keep a part of all you earn because you are worthy of having it.

You trust and FULLY receive whatever comes.

You take responsibility to manage and use your money well for yourself and others.

Abundance is a reflection of love. (1)


(1) The Law of Divine Compensation by Marianne Williamson