Plank Test

The plank test is a great indicator of core and back strength, and one of the best and simplest fitness tests to use.

If you experience abnormal changes in blood pressure, dizziness/fainting, irregular heart rhythm, or chest pain stop the test immediately

You will need a stop watch or watch that shows the seconds. Wear comfortable clothing. It’s optional to have a friend test you.

PlankTestThe subject can hold the plank, with their arms separated. There back and legs must be straight at all times. The minute their back lowers or raises out of the position the test stops.

Stop the test if you feel any pain or discomfort in your hips or lower back.

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Status Male Female
Healthy 60-120 seconds 60-120 seconds
Acceptable 30-60 seconds 30-60 seconds
Weak 11-29 seconds 11-29 seconds
Very Weak 1-10 seconds 1-10 seconds