Welcome to Week Seventeen of your program!

Checking In

How was your week?
What were successes?
Did you have any challenges?
Is there anything else you want to tell me?

Acknowledgin & Accepting Your Life Journey

What if you accepted all that makes you…you?

How would it feel to not judge ANYTHING that has happened to you as being good or bad but simply observe that the event happened and you experienced it?

What if whatever you felt at the time of a traumatic experience was okay and actually EXACTLY what you were supposed to feel in the moment?

What if you accepted…

  • Everything that has happened to you in your life?
  • How your parents treated you?
  • The choices you’ve made?
  • Your body type?
  • Your weight and challenges with weight?
  • How you look and don’t look?

What if you allowed it all to be okay just the way it is?

You Would Have Freedom and Peace.

You wouldn’t be you if you didn’t experience all that you have in your past.

Practice being the observer in your life and let go of making yourself wrong for being, acting, feeling, or thinking the way you do.

Notice that your thoughts, feelings, and actions come from past experiences where your younger self made an unconscious choice to protect itself.

If you can acknowledge the experience and have compassion for your younger self, your programming takes a pause and you can choose a new way of being and doing things.

First, you must fully accept who you are COMPLETELY!

Don’t make yourself wrong for anything.

Take yourself outside of judgments and observe yourself.

Second, acknowledge, without judgment, the past event that happened which created feelings in your body and patterns of behaviors that still run your life.

Third, have compassion for yourself for having gone through the event. Again, don’t make it right or wrong. Simply, have compassion that the younger you had to experience it.

Stuck emotions leave you living in discomfort, judgment, and pain.

Think of an emotion that doesn’t serve you.

Look at it for what it is…an emotion created from past experiences. It is not who you are.

Have compassion for yourself when you created the emotion.

Make a plan to do something that leaves you feeling love for yourself when a feeling comes up that leaves you wanting to do an old behavior that leaves you in a body you don’t love.

Share your plan

The Emotion Code

Feelings get stuck in your body and can live there your entire life effecting who you want to be.

The great thing is that you can release them.

As easy as it is to de-magnetize a credit card, you can release the energy stuck emotions have on you.

Emotion Code: 

Choose a feeling that keeps you stuck in a body you don’t love

Take your three fingertips and run them down the central meridian of your head starting at your third eye and ending at the bottom of your neck.

Repeat the phrase…

“I release the feeling of (name the emotion).”

Do this 10-times.

The magnetic frequency coming from your fingertips will start to shift the emotion and give you freedom and peace.

Your job after that is to notice the bodily conditions that accompany that emotion and how releasing it feels different.

Your body is conditioned to behave the same way over and over again. It feels normal.

Notice what your body is conditioned to do an old behavior and create a new plan that will allow your body to feel comfortable and have a new result.

This is going to take practice and you can do this!

The emotion you are releasing will start to shift in your body. Expect that and get excited for this shift! You deserve it!

Daily Practices

Mirror Practice: 

See yourself before you came here to earth. See how you accepted this journey knowing that you’d have emotional challenges and pain. You knew that your soul would move toward love and forgiveness of yourself and others. It wouldn’t be easy but you knew you could do it!

Say this as you look at yourself in the mirror:

“Today I’m accepting all you’ve been through and letting go of judgments. You deserve that.”

Allow yourself to feel the truth of your words.

Shower Practice:

As you wash in the shower be grateful for what your body has done for you. For instance, all the times your arms have hugged your loved ones, your hands have cooked meals, your legs have gotten on and off seats, your feet have climbed thousands of stairs and walk miles and miles during your life. Let it be a time of gratitude for what your body has and can do for you. ENJOY YOUR SHOWER! Let yourself Feel Good!

Nightly Journal:

It’s VERY important to get into a high vibrational feeling before you go to bed so you will wake up there! Before you go to bed each night write or say out loud at least one to two things you can appreciate about yourself.

Your goal is to go to bed in a feel-good emotional vibrational state so you wake up there!

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