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Program Info

Your End Dieting Hell Live Support Program Includes:

    • 13-Live Weekly End Dieting Hell Emotional Expansion Session
    • Daily 2-min practice via text message
    • Six-month access to my Be Fit with Love Monthly Bootcamp
      • Live workouts Tuesdays 7am HST
    • Detox program + supplements (mailed in US only)
    • Full Access to What to Eat Library
    • Three: One-on-one private sessions with Michelle. To schedule click here.
    • Private Facebook group click here

The End Dieting Hell Lesson Only program includes:

    • All End Dieting Hell Lessons (pre-recorded)
    • 90-Day access to Be Fit with Love Monthly Bootcamp + Live workout
    • Complete access to the Detox program + What to Eat Library (no supplements)
    • Private Facebook group click here
Legal Disclaimer

I’m not a licensed psychologist, psychiatrist or doctor of any kind. This program will not help you through crisis, mental disorders or breakdowns.

This program will help you understand your life in a new way and help you create a new way to look at yourself and be in your body. It is meant for educational purposes only. 

If at any time you feel you need more support than I’m qualified to give you, please let me know and seek out the support you need.

You take FULL responsibility for your mental health and participation in this program and release me, Michelle Melendez and Women Being Fit of any and ALL Liability.

This program will emotionally expand you and that will feel different. If you let yourself, you CAN become a woman who lives in a body she loves!

Thank you for letting me be your ally and guide.

Introduction To Emotional Vibrational Addiction

You have between 70-100 trillion cells in your body. Every one of your cells has it’s own energy field, atoms, and systems.

When you feel a certain way, your cells create receptor sites for that particular emotional peptide being released by your brain.

In essence, your feelings are chemicals and your cells become addicted to them.

If you are conditioned to the feeling of struggling with your weight, your body feels normal struggling with your weight. Your body will send signals to your brain to think thoughts that cause the feeling of struggle and frustration to enter your body.

If you don’t understand this the key to years of weight loss challenges, you could go your entire life and never living in a body you love!

It’s Time For A Shift! 

Recognize Your Emotional Addictions

Your first-step to live in a body you love is to recognize your emotional addictions.

Recognizing Emotional Addictionsv2

At first, you won’t be able to notice your emotional addictions because they will feel like that is just who you are. That is NOT who you are. It’s all who you’ve memorized yourself to be.

 Notice  ALL your feelings this week WITHOUT making any of them wrong!

For this week simple notice all the feelings you have about yourself, your body, food and exercise and write them down. Don’t judge them.

If you take action on a feeling that you don’t like, that’s okay!

Give yourself permission to be YOU!

Simply notice yourself living your life and write your feelings down like you’re an investigator doing a story on who you are.

Let yourself be YOU without judgement.

If you notice yourself putting yourself down and judging yourself, write that feeling down and don’t judge it!

Brave Enough?

If you’re brave enough, share them on your private Facebook page click here!

Sharing your emotional conditioned patterns will make them more noticeable to you later and help your sisters support you. You’ll also find that you’re not alone.

Your Emotional Addictions Tell You About Your Past Experiences.

Your emotional addictions are not who you are. They are emotional-shadows of your past that are vibrationally stuck in your body because you haven’t accepted and acknowledged that part of your life experience.

We will do that throughout this program.

For your first week notice your emotional addictions/conditioning without making them right or wrong or good or bad.

This journey is an exploration of who you are. It’s time to learn about yourself without judging your journey. You deserve that.

Your Body is a Radio

Your body is a radio and your feelings are the dial that tune to the station you call your life.

When you are feeling not good enough, shame, frustrated and living in the lower vibrational energies, you are tuning your radio station to a frequency that keeps you unhappy and unfulfilled.

That radio station feels normal to you.

The morning is the easiest time to tune your radio to a new frequency before your normal patterns start to emerge.

This journey will take practice, patience and kindness to yourself. It is not a mistake you found me and not a mistake you are on a journey to live in a body you love.

When you tune into the frequency that brings you joy living in a body you love you will not be the same woman who is reading this. You will be a more expanded version of yourself.

Empty Space Is NOT Empty

The space that surrounds your body is not empty. It is like invisible water that is unbelievably intelligent and powerful.

“One cubic centimeter of empty space has enough energy to boil all the oceans in the world!” -Joseph Campbell

This empty space on a quantum level holds infinite possibilities. That means if you can tune your body to the right frequency you can manifest anything you want! There is no limit.

This journey will teach you how to create a relationship with this field where you start to feel different about who you are and start to move your emotional dial toward a body you love!

Synching Your Heart and Your Brain

Throughout your journey I will be sending your practices to synch your heart and your brain to be on the same page.

When you struggle with weight your heart and brain on giving you different messages.

The heart gives you messages of pleasure, safety and comfort. Those goals will win out over your brain’s goals every time!

If you want to lose weight but feel pleasure in overeating, you will forever sabotage your weight loss goals.

In your program I will give you 1-2 minute practices to synch your heart and brain.

Your first practice is to go to the mirror tell yourself…

“Today I’m giving you a break.”

Tell yourself this message until you feel a release in your heart. You will automatically exhale. Then go on with your day.

Every time you have an opportunity to look in the mirror repeat this practice.

What will probably happen during your journey

You will…

  • Miss a conference and go back to your normal routine
  • Miss days doing your meditation (communication time with your subconscious mind)
  • Put yourself down and think this isn’t going to work
  • Feel uncomfortable and different doing this work and think you’re not doing it right

All that will more than likely happen and more!

Let it be okay! It’s part of the process of change.

Your job is to be willing to not make yourself wrong and take one-step toward a body you love each day!

Steps include:

  • Asking for help in your private Facebook group click here
  • Listening to a meditation or a recording or your favorite happy song
  • Writing in your creation book
  • Getting in the present moment or in nature

Give Yourself Permission To NOT Be Perfect!

“It’s not about being perfect. It’s about being better than you used to be.”

-Wayne Dyer

You are on a journey and you will take steps forward and back. You are doing your own personal dance of life.

We’ll get you to the end together!

Your Journey

woman freed from weight imprisonmentThe journey I’m taking you on is based on scientific principles of change. Change can be challenging because it will not feel normal and may even feel wrong.

Who you currently are has created your present life and body.

This program will emotionally expand your energy, emotions and thoughts.

If you are willing, you will have a different life living in a body you love and be a more emotionally expanded version of yourself with greater wisdom!

You Are A Brave Soul!

Thank You For Trusting Me.

Your Creation Book Here

Your creation book is a POWERFUL guide that will help you on your journey to live in a body you love. Print it out and write in it daily.

Live in a Body You Love Creation Book Stage One

This Ebook includes:

  • Pre-Program Self-Assessment
  • Explore and Express Mile-Stones
  • What are your emotional addictions keeping the weight on
  • What are three habits you do that keep the weight on
  • Top Six-Foods that trigger weight loss
  • Top Six-Foods you eat
  • Negative and Positive thoughts teach you about yourself
  • Live in a body you love vision
  • Daily Journal
  • Final Thoughts

You do not need to print this Ebook.

Get a notepad or journal and use that to write in. You can also create a word doc. However, I recommend that you write your thoughts down so you’re not always on your computer and can sit with your journal outside or elsewhere.

You will be using this book throughout your program and be getting more pages. This is stage one of three.

Next week learn the 5-steps to start releasing emotional addictions that keep you in a body you don’t love!

Daily Integration Actions: Hero Means Me Quick Victory Sounds Good
Daily Practices (Each takes less than 1-2 min)

Hero: Hydrate

Water Heals, Supports and Help You Release Inches!

Practice drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces each day.

If you haven’t been hydrating yourself, don’t be overwhelmed with the amount recommended.

Start with drink one 32-ounce bottle a day or even every other day. Do something that you can succeed at easily and don’t make yourself wrong if you don’t meet your goal…

It’s ONLY a practice.

Tip: Use stainless steal or glass water bottle and limit your exposure to plastic.

Means: Mirror Practice
Mirror PracticeDo this practice every time you look in the mirror.

Say out-loud or to yourself…

“Today I’m giving you a break.”

Give yourself permission to relax and release the fight.

Take at least one-deep breath and let your body feel the release.

You can do this!

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Congrats for starting week one of your Live in a Body You Love program!

You Can Do This!
I Believe In You 110%.

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I’ll be here for you every step of the way!

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PS Questions are one of my favorite ways to expand my feelings. See how this question feels for you,

“What if being fit and living in a body I love is easier than I think?”