Practice 10: Day 10

Hi Amazing ,

You’re almost 1/2 way through your 21-day program! YES!

Keep it up!


  • Give you an easy nutrition tip to help you burn fat naturally and feel Great!
  • Give you an emotional transformation practice to increase your self-confidence and love in your life

Simple Nutrition Tip:

Last time we talked about the importance of probiotics for your gut health. Another supplement that can support your digestion is a digestive enzyme.

The enzymes in your stomach break-down the foods you eat so your intestines can pull the nutrients out and send them throughout your body.

However, enzymes die off in many ways.

Here are a few ways enzymes that support your stomach die:

  • Stress
  • Sugar
  • GMO foods
  • Processed foods
  • Age

To support your gut take one digestive enzyme with most meals or at the very least dinner since most people overeat that meal.

The enzyme I use is Digestive Gold + Probiotics. To learn about it click here

When you give your gut the support it needs to break-down your food your body is more easily able to absorb the nutrients. Oh Yeah!

Today’s Task (7-minutes):

Here is your Self-love task for today. You will be looking into a mirror.

Following these steps:

  1. Before you begin, shake your body for about 20-30 seconds and release any tension & anxiety from your body
  2. After you shake wipe your body down with your hands from your face, shoulders, torso, legs, and feet moving the energy to the earth. Then flick your hands out to the air to release excess energy.
  3. Set a timer for 2-minutes
  4. Ground your feet
  5. Take 3-deep breaths and relax
  6. For 2-minutes and without any music, look in the mirror into your left eye, which is over your heart.
  7. Feel the Source within you staring back at you with compassion and loving acceptance of all of you. The key is to feel the Source within you. Don’t try and look for it. Use your heart and feel it as it stares back at you.
  8. When your mind wonders and tries to ignore the practice by looking at facial features it doesn’t like, return to looking into your left eye and again feel the Source wanting to connect with you through love and compassion.
  9. After 2-minutes, play the song below and listen to it as you continue to look in the mirror feeling the Source within you singing the words to you. Dance when you feel like dancing. 😊
  10. Take this energy into your day and each time you look in the mirror remember who is looking back at you with complete adoration and love for ALL of you.

Listen to this song after the first 2-minutes of your practice above.
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Feel the source looking back at you with love and compassion. Don’t look for it. This may not be easy. You may not want to connect with yourself in this way and your mind may want to look at other things so it doesn’t have to do the practice.

I challenge you to stay present and feel the Source within you staring back at you. It’s only for 2-minutes. Then play the song and enjoy it.

It’s time to see yourself as Source sees you. ❤ This is a VERY powerful exercise if you are willing.

[Taken from my “Live In A Body You Love” 8-month program.]


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Nightly Journal Contemplation:

Free write for 5-10 minutes on the following:

How would I feel about myself if I felt fully loved and appreciated for exactly the way I am from a Source that created the stars in the heavens?

[Taken from my “Live In A Body You Love” 8-month program.]

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Sneak Peak For Tomorrow:

Are you ready to find out what it feels like to accept all of you 21-minute Tone Your Body, Lift Your Mood was created for you?

I ask you, are you brave enough to give it a try. You won’t feel the same way about yourself if you do! Oh Yeah!

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