Practice 19: Day 19

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Today is your last nutrition tip and self-love practice of this program! You’re nearly there!

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Today’s Intentions:

  • Give you an easy nutrition tip to help you burn fat naturally, fight cancer, and feel Great!
  • Give you an emotional transformation practice to increase your confidence and self-love. Plus, get ready to have a better relationship with your body!

Simple Nutrition Tip:

On the Union of Concerned Scientists:

“If Americans ate just one more serving of fruits or vegetables per day, this would save more than 30,000 lives and $5 billion in medical costs each year.”

Wow, only one fruit or vegetable has A TON of power!

One of my favorite fruits is blueberries. I add them to my morning shake nearly every day.

Blueberries have the highest amount of antioxidants of any fruit or veggie.  They also help decrease inflammation in the body AND they are low in sugar.

FACTS: Blueberries are among the most nutrient-dense berries. A 1 cup serving (148 grams) of blueberries contains (1):

Fiber: 4 grams.

Vitamin C: 24% of the RDA.

Vitamin K: 36% of the RDA.

Manganese: 25% of the RDA.

It also has small amounts of various other nutrients.

They are also about 85% water, and an entire cup contains only 84 calories, with 15 grams of carbohydrates.

Taken from

Start adding one fruit and one veggie to your diet this week. Your body will love you for it!

Today’s Task :

Here is your Self-Love Practice:

Shake Your Body

Your body picks up other people’s energy and you give your energy to people all the time. When you do this you could feel drained and unhappy. It’s time to release energy that isn’t yours and return energy that is.

Steps To Release Energy That Isn’t Yours & Return Your Energy To Your Body:

Step #1: Set a timer for 1-minute

Step #2: Shake your body for a minute. Don’t stop for 60-seconds! Feel free to put on your favorite upbeat song. =) Here’s “Shake it Off” by Tylor Swift click here

Step #3: After the minute, wipe your body down from head to toe and push the energy to the earth. While you’re wiping yourself down repeat, “I release energy this is not mine back to the sender with love.”

Step #4: After your wipe-down, stand-tall and make a pulling motion with your arms like you’re pulling something back to you because you are. Visualize yourself pulling back your own energy like it’s a white light coming back into your body and repeat, “I return my energy with love.”

Step #5: When you feel complete, trust yourself to know when put your hands by your sides with the palms facing out and take 3-5 deep breaths. Allow yourself to feel more energized and fully loved for a few moments.

It is best to do this practice often, at least once a day; before you go to bed is best. It will help keep your energy clean and your body feeling good.

[Taken from my “Live In A Body You Love” 8-month program.]

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Nightly Journal Contemplation:

Free write for 5-10 minutes on the following:

What if I trusted that I’m in the right place in my life and can’t get it wrong?

How would I feel about myself and what difference would that make in my life?

Sneak Peak For Tomorrow:

Get ready to do a full-body strength training practice that will bring in more trust for yourself and your life-path. You’ll be glad you opened tomorrow’s practice! Oh yeah!

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