Weight Loss Insight 3 of 5

Weight Loss Insight 3 of 5

This is the 3rd of 5 insights from my Live In A Body You Love 5-Day Retreat.

© Copyright 2015 Corbis CorporationToday’s Insight Is From Day 3: Trust

I told you in insight #2 that when you have an intense experience all your sense heighten. You remember EVERYTHING from who is there, what is around you, what sounds you’re hearing, the taste in your mouth, the temperature of the environment and most importantly your emotions.

In regards to struggling with your weight, an event happened in your past that heightened your senses and you made an unconscious decision about your body, self-confidence, and self-worth in this world. 

You then created a personality trait that reflects your past experience and you live into that every day as if that is who you are. 

That is NOT who you are. That is ONLY a memorized pattern that was created from an event you experienced.

To give you power over your memorized emotions you must first understand where they come from.

intuition-psychologyThe Function Of Your Mind:

There are 4 functions of your mind.

  1. Sense
  2. Memory (memorized emotions)
  3. Intelect
  4. Ego

The first function of your mind is yours 5 senses.

You walk into a room and immediately all of your senses tell your brain what is happening like if there is a smell; is it cold and you need a jacket and so on.

The second function is your unconscious memorized patterns that run your life 90-95% of the time.

You begin to feel the familiar emotions of who you are in relation to who, and what is going on in the room.

Are you shy? Are you an extrovert? Do you feel comfortable or uncomfortable?

You think that is who you are but it’s only memorized patterns of emotions.

The third function of your mind is your intellect. Your intellect discriminates what is true and what is not true about you. This part of your mind notices the emotional memorized patterns and decides if that is true about who you are.

99.9% of the time it will agree with your memorized pattern that that is who you are and how to behave in the situation because it doesn’t see the pattern as coming from a memory.

It sees the pattern as your truth.

It feels familiar so it must be right. 

However, it is very wrong!

You Are Infinite Intelligence That Wanted To Experience Itself As Your Personality Created From Your Past Experiences.

That is who you are.

In the Live In A Body You Love Retreat, I take you through many exercises that leave you experiencing who you truly are on a cellular level. It is undeniable that you are not your story.

I am finalizing the retreat dates for 2018. If you’d like to know when they are, send me an email [email protected]

The final part of your mind is your Ego. This is the “I know” part of your mind.

Any time you say, “I know…” that is your ego.

It is also the “I know that I know”. I know that I am alive. I know that I am a woman, mother, friend, fitness trainer (your job). It is your own individuality. That is all Ego.

If you’ve said, “I am overweight”, “I’ll never lose weight and keep it off”, “I try but it’s too hard to change” that is your Ego taking on the personality of everything you just stated after “I”.

That is who you see yourself as in the world and you will argue to keep your persona alive even if it’s not what you want. 

I literally had clients argue with me when I tell them, “No, that’s not who you are.”

The first way to create something new in your life starts with your Ego.

Are you willing to believe something different about yourself and let go of what is familiar and what you think is the truth of who you are?

That is where you start.

Your Ego must take a chill-pill if you want to create lasting change.

© Copyright 2014 CorbisCorporationI’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “You need to get out of your own way.”

I’ve never really understood that until I studied the Ego.

The Ego is the gatekeeper that is keeping you locked in a body you don’t love. It thinks it’s keeping you safe when really it’s keeping you unhappy and emotionally stunted.

Can you let go of the way you think things “should” be, or your idea that this is “who I am”?

You may think you can do it but it’s your identity and it will fight to stay alive through justifications about why you are the way you are and the reasons you can’t change.

During the last 5-day retreat, we were doing a practice that allows the Ego to chill-out and a participant said, “I don’t want to let that part of me go. It feels safe. It’s who I am.”

I reminded her that it’s not who she is. It’s only a memorized pattern from past experiences that created her personality around her weight and body image but who she is, is much more amazing than that.

Then, we did a practice that gave her freedom and love around her body and past experiences that left her with more joy than she’s ever had around her weight.

When you get out of your mind and do exercises that shift who you think you are, change happens easily.

Again, I am finalizing the retreat dates for 2018. If you’d like to know when they are, send me an email [email protected]

Next Insight:

You’ve heard the saying that we are all one. What if you really understood what that means and by understanding it you could communicate with an energy greater than yourself and change your life?

That is EXACTLY what Day One of the Live In A Body You Love Retreat is all about and I’ll teach you about it in the 4th Weight Loss Insight coming out next week! Keep your eyes open.

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  1. Mary Martha Pazos says:

    Dear Michelle,

    These are awesome insights! I can’t wait to digest the rest.
    Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

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