Weight Loss Insight 2 of 5

Insight #2 of 5: How Your Weight Loss Pattern Started


 Below is another insight I teach in the Live In A Body You Love 5-Day Retreat!

In the last insight, I taught you that your brain and body have memorized how to live in a body you don’t love from past experiences and you repeat those thoughts and memorized emotions daily.

You are basically living in your past…EVERYDAY!

How did your memorized programming begin?

If you’ve been struggling with your weight and body image for years, your memorized pattern was created when you were young; probably before 5 years old.

If you’ve been challenged with your body image and weight as an adult, your memorized pattern may have been created later in life.

It started because of a high emotional intense event that happened to you.

This event could have really been something very dramatic or it could have been something you perceived as dramatic. Regardless of what it was, the emotion behind it was so intense that ALL of your senses became heightened and your brain created an organized pattern to relate to the event.

Because of this your brain became very aware of your surroundings and recorded how you felt, who was there and what was happening.

Here is an example: Does a certain song remind you of someone or something?

That’s because that song was playing when your emotions were heightened. Something or someone caused an intense emotional reaction in your body and your brain recorded everything about the event. Every time that song plays your body and brain will bring up the memory and the emotions of the memorized event. 

In regards to low body image and struggling with your weight, an event happened and your senses became heightened, you then made a decision about who you are in relation to your body, confidence, and self-love.

That then created a personality trait around your body and weight and that trait runs your life!


dreamstime_l_20601027TRUTH TO PUT THE PUZZLE TOGETHER:

Here is the truth sweet sister…You are NOT your emotional memorized patterns and thoughts in your body and brain!

I know it sometimes feels like that is who you are.

I mean that’s how you see yourself, so that must be who you are. WRONG!

If you’ve been struggling with your weight for years and years, you have the personality, behavior, and beliefs of a woman who struggles with her weight but that’s not who are!

That’s ONLY your brain and body’s memorized patterns so you know how to relate to this world. Again, that’s NOT who you are.

Who you are is infinite intelligence that wanted to know itself in your human body, through your past experiences that created your personality.


Yes, I teach a whole 5-day retreat on this topic that is life changing and for now, understand that you are more than your memorized patterns.

The next insight I’m going to send from my Live In A Body You Love Retreat will let you know how you can start to shift your memorized emotional behavior.

For now, please let me know if you have any questions or comments about this post below. I’d LOVE to hear how this is coming across for you. =)

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