Weight Loss Insight 1 of 5

We completed the first Live In A Body You Love Retreat a couple of weeks ago and I was so thrilled with how well everyone grasped the insights that I’ve decided to give you 5 insightful tips from the retreat!

These tips build on each other so be sure to take a look at each one.

Tip #1:

If you’ve struggled with your weight for years, your brain and body have Memorized how to live in a body you don’t love from past experiences and you repeat those thoughts and memorized emotions daily.

You are basically living into your past…EVERYDAY!

shutterstock_228064597Does this sound like you? You…

  • Have a hurtful inner voice that puts you down daily
  • You can’t relate to the woman you see in the mirror
  • Often feel frustrated, embarrassed or ashamed of your body
  • Feel normal not liking your body

The truth is your body has memorized the behavior when you look in the mirror, think about your weight or try and feel good about yourself.

Yes! The over 50-trillion cells in your body have MEMORIZED how to react!

This is the same way your body knows how to drive a car.

You don’t think about how you’re going to drive the car, you get in and your body has memorized how to do it and does it without your conscious thoughts.

The pattern of how you relate to your body and weight are created the same way.

You wake up and your brain and body take over and run your emotions through the memorized patterns you created from your past.

These memorized patterns in your brain and the memorized emotional vibrations in your body will not change with diet and exercise.

If it did, it would have changed by now, don’t you think?

The next tip I’m sending out will teach you how the first memorized signal in your brain and body was created and what to do about it.

Get ready for an AMAZING Ah-Ha moment!

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