Are You Ever Embarrassed About Your Body?

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Does this sound like you…
  • You feel embarrassed about your body
  • When looking in a mirror your eyes immediately go to what you don’t like about your body
  • You think your hips are too big, your butt is too big, your arms are too flabby and so on and so on.
What If I told you that you chose the body you’re in?
That’s right, I believe without a doubt, that your spirit chose the body you would come to earth in because it’s the ONLY body that would allow for the expansion of your spirit, which is WHY your spirit wanted to come into this life in the first place! 
Your spirit knew that through this body you would have an adventure of trust, self-love, forgiveness, hope, faith, confidence, happiness, worthiness and so much more that only the body you’re in could bring you?
When I tell clients this, a lot of the times I get, “No way, Michelle. There is no way I would have chosen THIS body.”
I say, “Are you sure?”
You come from a place of pure love. Love, which is the highest vibration in the entire Universe. Love that knows no lack, or scarcity, or doubt, or fear, or pain or sadness. Your spirit was free of all worries, self-loathing, shame, guilt, fear and any other negative emotion you can think of!
You came into this world to experience what it would feel like to have to move in a body and create a life you love.
And here’s the best part….

You Didn’t Want A Perfect Body. Nope!

You wanted to go through the experience of a life journey moving you toward what you want, which includes a body you love!
It will take a complete spiritual shift to do it. Are you willing? 
You have all you need to make it happen and it can be EASIER than you think!
Woman_On_RoadAre you willing to release your emotional addiction, your emotional conditioning of loneliness, shame, doubt, embarrassment, fear-ALL of it? Are you willing to take the journey?
It will take the understanding that what you feel, the vibration in every cell of your body that fills you up and creates the life you have right now, a willingness to feel something different and practice it until it feels normal.

Ready to travel down that road?

You see, when you start getting fit it will NOT feel normal. In fact, you may fight it and self-sabotage your progress. You may not believe you can get fit! 
How do you feel right now?
What if you knew without a doubt that you will have a body you love and it’s showing up easily? Would you be excited?
Then, get excited because it is showing up… if you want it to!
The Universe didn’t put you down here to hate your life or your body. Positive Universal forces are focused on YOU right now and they are giving you EVERYTHING you ask for through the feelings you have.
Not through your words, what you see or your thoughts but through the emotional vibration in your cells. That is how we communicate with our Source, our higher Power.
Do you still hate your body?
© Copyright 2012 CorbisCorporationWhat if you loved it?
What if you honored it like a lover who adores you and you fed it foods that kept it healthy, vibrant and energized?
What if you looked in the mirror into your eyes and saw the bright light staring back at you, the intelligent being that is living in your body having this human experience, this being who chose your body and is excited to go through life in YOUR body and you just breathed and let go of the story that you’re not good enough, not lovable, not thin enough, or any of it?
What if you chose today to be the day that you practiced the feeling that you CAN have anything and everything you want and you released the need to figure out how to do it but instead felt the pleasure of it and followed your intuition that showed up in your body, the body you chose, the body that can create magic through the vibrations you feel?

There Is Something Inside You that Knows What I’m Saying Is True.

The part of you that is addicted to the story you’ve been living that isn’t giving you what you want and allows for pain and heartache to live in your body is a part that can NOW take a back seat and enjoy this ride called: Getting Fit With a Body You LOVE!
You CAN Do This!

Did That Resonate?
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To your  healthy

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Michelle Melendez-Founder/Master Trainer

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