Great Maui Land Grab Ebook Michelle Melendez

  • Great Maui Land Grab Ebook 

    What caused the Maui fire and is your home next?

    If you’ve never questioned the Maui Fire of August 8, 2023, this book will show you why you should. You will discover many anomalies that will leave you bewildered. Experts share how it’s not only impossible it was a natural fire but also highly unlikely that the winds came from Hurricane Dora. The author leads you through an investigation of the Maui fire and the why, who, and what is coming for the Hawaii islands and the world!

    Get ready to discover…

    • 9 questionable weather events
    • 21 fire anomalies
    • How the Hawaii legislation is setting the stage for the land grab
    • Why the land is being taken
    • Who is possibly responsible
    • What to do about it!
    “There were numerous anomalies during the Maui fire. Is the Hawaii government infrastructure inept, or is there broad collusion and corruption! -Donna Thompson (National Security Expert)
  • Blossom Inner Wellness Publishing
  • June 5, 2024