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Thank you for doing a testimonial for me! =)

There are so many programs to choose from and testimonials are one of the BEST ways others can learn about my services and how I can help! I so appreciate you taking the time to do a testimonial for me and my program!

What To Say:

(Answer the following with 1-2 sentences or 30-60 second video. Quick and simple.)
  • Before this program I (what were your challenges)…

  • After this program I have (results)…

  • I recommend the program if you…

  • Please send me a full-body or headshot I can use with your testimonial email it to [email protected]. Email Subject: Pic for Testimonial.

    • Also, email how many stars you give the program.

Post your testimonial below or email it with your headshot to the email address above.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

If you have any comments about what you liked and what could be better on the program, please post below. =)

1 thoughts on “Testimonial Request

  1. Kayleen Evans says:

    Before this program, I had a lot of knowledge of what I needed to do to get to a place that I did not struggle with weight, but I was still stuck in my comfortable habits that I really deep down didn’t want to change. After this program, I am feeling liberated and really feeling into the fact that I can indeed change and especially after going on the Hawaii retreat, I have begun to feel an actual energy shift and I am feeling excited about the new ‘me’ that I am. It is exciting to feel this energy shift and to be brave enough to go a different direction in life. This program goes much deeper than the simple external changes that we all hear about every day. I recommend this program if you are feeling stuck and wonder why you have not been able to harness the energy and motivation to change.

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