Do you put yourself down for your weight?

You’ll want to read this!

I was talking with someone the other day and I heard them criticize themselves. I thought to myself, she’s forgotten who she is.

Have you forgotten who you are?

3 Ways To Know You’ve Forgotten Who You Are:


1. Put yourself down…especially around your body!

2. Can’t take a compliment without negating it.

3. Don’t like taking pictures or looking at yourself in the mirror.

You are an energy being sweet, sister. ENERGY!

Human energy body, aura, chakra, energyThe emotions you feel in your body give you energy or take it away. They leave you feeling good about yourself or horrible.

Guess what? You are NOT a slave to your emotions!

At a certain part of your day, you can choose your emotions. After that, you go throughout your day with the emotion you’ve consciously or unconsciously chosen.

You also hold a repeated pattern of energy and thoughts around your body. They actually become a conditioned feeling in your body and lead you toward better health or away from it!

What are you choosing?

I know you’ve probably heard this before and I want to remind you again that you are more than your body! A Whole LOT MORE!

One day you will leave your body and your energy will transition. The expansion of what you’ve learned while you were here is what you take with you.

The expansion you gain through your experiences and choices, that’s what you take when you transition and that’s it!

If you were to transition today, what expansion would you take with you?

Did you have a happy life in a body you loved?

Did you know part of why you wanted to come and live in a human body is for the journey to self-love?

You may be saying, “Michelle, I can’t love a body that looks like mine!”

I know the belief that you can’t love your body is out of fear that it won’t change if you do. I get it!

AND… do you know holding negative energy about your body leads you to do things that keep it overweight!

What if you could look at your body through a different lens?

What if you looked at it through the lens of your spirit who wanted to be in YOUR body and experience EVERYTHING life has to offer?

Your body fat has a message for you…


To You,

I was never meant to stay this long!  Through good times and bad, I’ve kept you safe and comforted and it came at a high price!

Belly fatThe price you have paid to keep me was your self-esteem, self-love, connection with other people both romantically and other, missing out on fun outings because you couldn’t physically do it or you were too embarrassed about your body to go.  You can’t even go clothes shopping without feeling discouraged about the size you have to purchase or too self-conscious to go out of the fitting room to look into the full-length mirror because you’re afraid someone might see you.

I was only meant as a lesson and it’s time you learned it! I am on your body to grow you into a more powerful, confident and loving being someone you have wanted to become and are meant to become since your birth.

You’ve kept me hanging on too long.  Our love-hate relationship is over! It’s time you released me and stood on your own two feet.  You can do this! I believe in you! Release me and be happy!


Your Body Fat

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I’m excited to be here with you at this time in history. There is so much we are all wanting for ourselves and for our planet and when you are consciously awake and understand why you’re here, you are that much more a contributor to this world and to yourself! Oh Yeah!

To your health sweet fitness friend,


Michelle Signature

Michelle Melendez- Founder/Fitness Expert

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