Time To Prepare For Fitness Success!

So many people start an exercise program without properly preparing and wonder why they get off track! It’s time to make it easy to stay on track with your exercise program!



Why Do You Want To Be Fit?

If you’ve struggled year after year with your exercise, it feels normal to struggle. So making excuses and not sticking with a regular program will feel comfortable in your body even if it’s something you don’t want! That makes this step A MUST!

It’s time to practice a new way of feeling!

Why do you want to be fit?

This reason MUST Turn You On to have it!

Here are some examples:

I want to be fit so I can…

  • Keep up with my family when we go on hikes. I don’t want to be the last one!
  • Feel good making love to my husband with the lights on!
  • Play with my grandkids!
  • Feel confident about my body when I’m speaking to groups.

Knowing your reason why you want to be fit will get you out of bed to do your exercise practices!

Lastly, your why should be a story you can see in your mind. Each of the examples above is a story. It should be a story that excites you when you think about having it. =)

This is the #1 reason brides get fit. They have a REALLY motivating why and can see the story of what they want in their mind.


Reina A friend of mine was 2-inches too big for her wedding dress. She was freaking out!

She contacted me and signed up for my Get Fit and Detox program.

She knew what she wanted and saw the picture in her mind. Yes, she was over the top motivated!

She released 5-inches on the program and felt amazing on her big day!

Okay, your why doesn’t have to be that extreme and it needs to be something that will inspire you and pull you toward getting up to do your exercise practices.

Now think about it…What’s YOUR Why? 

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Do you have exercise shoes that are more than a year old? It’s time to get a new pair! You may also want to pick up new workout outfit that makes you feel comfortable and excited to get into! This is an inspiration in itself!

You may also want to pick up new workout outfit that makes you feel comfortable and excited to get into! This is an inspiration in itself!

Finding a water bottle you like is helpful to get the H20 that your body will need! Please don’t count on plastic water bottles.

You can find water bottles with inspiring messages on them on Amazon.

you can do it water bottleHere is a link to a water bottle that reads: You Can Do It!(click here)

The link below is for a water bottle that reads: “I’m not here to be average, I’m here to be Awesome!” (click here) Oh Yeah!

It’s important to have things that inspire you! It will make a difference on those days you don’t feel like working out!

weightsLastly, you will need a set of 3lb and 5lb free weights.

You can purchase free weights online, at any sporting goods store, or places like Target or Walmart. To shop online (click here)

You’ll also need a few other things if you’re working out at home. Below are a list of items you can get online:

Again, you can get any of this equipment at Target, Walmart or any sporting goods store.

Get the things you need so you’re ready and feel like a woman who exercises regularly because you are!

It’s time to discover what type of body you have and where you’re starting your fitness journey!

What type of body do you have?

shutterstock_480871612There are three different types of bodies. You may have a combination of two and you have one main body type.

It’s important to know what body type you have so you get the most out of your workouts.

What is your body type? Click here to find out (opens in a new tab)

Don’t make your body type mean anything about you.

This is a journey your spirit wanted to take in the body you’re in. Your body is the way your spirit experiences life. It’s time to honor it. Train it in a way that works best and start feeling great!

The 2nd thing to know about yourself is where your fitness level and measurements are.

Fitness testing helps you see if your workouts are making a difference or if you need to step it up.

runningIf you feel negative about testing yourself, hold off on this until you get a routine going and then test yourself. =)

Start off feeling good about exercise and do testing for informational purposes only. Don’t make it mean anything!

To start your fitness tests and measurements Click Here  (opens in a new tab)

You can also find your fitness testing page the 4th link down under “Get Fit” at the top.

It’s good to test every 6-8 weeks.


This one is KEY!

There are four steps to preparing your routine and two are optional.

STEP ONE: Know the exact days and times you Get to do an exercise practice!

So many times women will say, “I’m going to workout tomorrow.” They don’t set an EXACT time and not doing so will sabotage for your fitness goals!

You want to know the exact day and time you get to do your workout practice.

Even better know the 2 routines you’ll do before and after your workout!

For example, you’re going to brush your teeth, do your workout practice and then jump in the shower! Now you know that you don’t get in the shower until after your practice! Oh Yeah!

What time and days will you do your exercise practices?

Between what two daily routines will do your exercise practice?

Feel free to post your answers at the bottom of the page or on our private facebook page Click Here!

STEP TWO: Prepare the night before!

You will be HUGELY Successful with your exercise practices if you prepare the night before! Add a reminder in your cell and make this easy to remember.

Preparing the night before creates a snowball effect that pulls you toward getting excited to workout! Give it a try and see how you feel when you’re ready the night before!

You can do this!

STEP THREE: Play your Motivational Exercise Game! (Optional)

Create a routine where you play this motivational exercise game and feel inspired to reach your goal! This will help you do your exercise practices regularly! Oh Yeah!

Go to your game page click here (opens in a new tab)

It’s the 2nd link under “Get Fit” above.

How to play:

  • Take a look at the completion date of the game.
  • Decide how many exercise practices you want to have completed by the end of your game and select the corresponding color on your game chart.
  • After you complete an exercise practice, return to your game page and post that you did an exercise practice and watch as you move up the scale to reach your goal!

Simple and Fun!

STEP FOUR: Friend Support (Optional)

The last way to prepare your routine is to tell a friend and ask for their support! This one will REALLY help inspire you!

Tell someone when you’ve chosen to workout and ask them to text you the message:

“You Get to do your workout practice today! I believe in you!”

The way this message is written will help rewire your feeling about exercise!

When we GET to do something we are soooo much more inspired! Normally people say things like, “I have to workout” or “I need to workout”. Agh!

“Have” to and “Need” to do something really SUCK, or at least are not that fun!

However, when you GET to do something…oh yeah! You look forward to it! =)

Ask your friend to do this for the first 2-4 weeks to help get you going!


If you are working out at home, make the area you’re working out in motivational!

Put up fun, inspiring pictures. Add a candle that you get to light every time you workout. Dust the area and sage it to clear the old energy. Make it ready to go!

sage(Optional) Burning sage to clear the energy is a 2,000-year-old Indigenous American practice. Shamans would burn sage during their rituals. The belief was that any anger, conflict or bad energy would go into the smoke leaving a light energy in the room and around participants.

This is a great thing to do if you haven’t used your workout space in a while or if you have negative feelings around being in the space.

To learn more about this practice (click here)

Here is a link to white sage you can get on Amazon if you’d like to clear the energy of your workout room and bag (click here).

Clear the space and infuse excitement, love, appreciation and a knowing that you can live in a body you LOVE!


This practice is optional and will really help support your new routine!

What you put in your body shows is what gives you energy and keeps things running optimally.

Clean out your refrigerator and pantry of all foods that the you who lives in a body she loves wouldn’t have.
There is no right or wrong way to do this. If you have a family, it might look like you have a special shelf that is just yours. Do this in a way that’s best for you.

When you open the frig and see things that honor your body, like hummus and veggies, coconut milk instead of dairy, protein and greens powder, your body is getting much more energy and you’ll notice it in your eyes, skin, hair, and vitality!

When you’ve completed any of the above, post below so we can add your name to the completion box and celebrate you!
Do this as you complete the tasks above. This way we get to celebrate you 5 TIMES! Oh Yeah!

You’re meant to live in a body you love!

Thank you for letting me help you get there. =)

Your Trainer and Fitness Ally,
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Michelle Melendez-Founder and Fitness Expert Since 1996

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