Level 2: Pilates (abs/back) Training Here

What you need
  • Thick exercise mat
  • Pilates Fit Ball
  • Light and heavier pair of free weights
  • Muscle tension release ball
  • Exercise band
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Pilates (abs and back) Only!
Core Strength

Accepting Life Aloha Style! Oh yeah!

Feeling Supported Aloha Style!
I'm Ready For More Joy!
Feel the Aloha Spirit
Pilates and Leg Workouts Here!
Pilates and Full Body Strength Training

Life Feels Good! (back, butt, abs workout)
I Am Always Supported (core and Butt workout. Filmed in Alaska)
16 minute Super Core and Leg Toning Extreme with Travis Richardson (Guest Trainer! Filmed in Alaska)

Balance 10 min (no squats or lunges)

Go Legs!

Don't Forget!
After you’ve completed your practice post how your experience!

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