What caused the Maui fire and is your home next?

The Truth Will Set You Free. 

But First, It Will Piss You Off!

– Gloria Steinem



(10% of sales goes to programs to support Lahaina survivors.)

       Are You Curious About What Happened In Maui?

        This book will share details that have experts bewildered. 

         Details like…

    • Why didn’t blue things burn?
    • Why did cars melt and leave trees fully intact only having burned from the inside?
    • How did the fire move against the wind?
    • Why where homeowners and media not allowed into the burn zone for nearly three months?
    • Why was Toluene (TNT) found in the Maui drinking water after the fire?
    • How did the death toll of this tragedy go down instead of up?
    • And many more!

Want Some Answers?

          Here is what you’ll Discover:

Why was the satellite image over Maui blacked out the day of the fire?

Part One: What Happened?

Chapter One: Questionable weather events on August 7th and 8th, 2023

Chapter Two: 21 Maui Fire Anomalies

Chapter Three: Hawaii Governor’s Questionable Statements 

Chapter Four: Experts Know the Maui Fire Was Not Normal 

Chapter Five: Death Toll Bouncing Ball 

Part Two: How Is the Land Being Taken?

Chapter Six: Hawaii Governor Suspended Laws 22 Days Before The Fire

Chapter Seven: Legislation Sets The Stage For the Land Grab


The image on your right is Hawaii Governor Josh Green speaking at the United Nations.

Want to know why a governor was a keynote speaker at the UN?

He’s not the leader of a country. Why did they have him speak to the countries of the world?

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil but by those who watch them without doing anything.” – Albert Einstein 

How did palm fronds not burn-up in 30-80 mph winds?

Part Three: Why The Land Is Being Taken?

Chapter Eight: The Loss of Freedom Through The UN’s Agenda 2030 Goals

Chapter Nine: Climate Change, Carbon, Sustainable Energy and SMART Cities Revealed

Chapter Ten: Who owns America?

Part Four: Can Maui and America Be Saved?

Chapter Eleven: How Americans Are Bringing Back Freedom

Chapter Twelve: The 4th Turning and the Hopi Indian Prophecy

Plus Six addendums that will support your journey toward freedom! 

How did all car windows and aluminum wheels melt but trees stay standing?

Who is the Author?

Michelle Melendez giving you a “Shaka”. It means she sees you, relax; you matter!

Michelle Melendez has been a freedom fighter since 2020. She became a fitness and wellness expert in 1996, and is the award-winning author of the best-selling book “End Dieting Hell.”

She was on the Big Island when the Maui Fire happened and knew something was off. Michelle was one of the first to speak out against the mainstream narrative that the fire was natural. To learn more she interviewed fire fighters, arborists, the Lahaina State Representative, and locals on Maui during the fire. 

Michelle is an American patriot and believes it’s the duty of all free pepole to question the mainstream narrative and speak out!

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How were animals left recognizable burned from the inside out?

How was a blue ticket found in the ashes fully intact?

Why wasn’t the BEST alarm system in the world turned on?


WARNING: This book will take you on a journey that may change how you feel about the world. However, it will not give you all the answers. In fact, it may give you more questions. By the end, you will, more than likely, agree that the Maui fire was not normal. It will be hard not to. You may also realize that what happened, and is happening to the people of Lahaina could happen to anyone, anywhere. It’s time to find the inner strength to see the truth.

(10% of sales goes to programs to support Lahaina survivors.)

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What happened in Lahaina could happen anywhere in the world!

Get ready to discover:

What happened?

Why did it happen?

Who is pulling the strings?

What is coming?

What can you do?

All freedom loving people should read this book!

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